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Where would I find information on the Siirtolais Puutarha Alue in the city of Helsinki? 1038 29.8.2001 Helsinki City has rent areas for allotment garden associations until 31.12.2026. These areas can be seen in this adress: and the contact information of the associations are here: .The union of these associations, Suomen Siirtolapuutarhaliitto ry. has also own pages: .Unfortunately all these sites are in Finnish language, but you can send email to Siirtolapuutarhaliitto: and ask for more information in English.
Dear librarians I'm a journalist in Switzerland, writing an article about libraries in Finland. I have a few questions to ask: 1. Finland has about 930 public… 4719 22.8.2001 The figure (930) you suggested is correct and does not - as you rightly surmised - include any of the university or research libraries or those of other institutes of higher education. As to the reason why Finnish people read as much as they do, it is very difficult to give any definitive answer. However, the nature of the Finnish education system which relies heavily on the services provided by the public library system may go some way of explaining the phenomenon. In other words, children learn to use libraries at a relatively young age. All this emphasises the fact that reading as such has always been highly valued in Finland. Also that fact that parents read to young children during the long and dark winter may likewise be a…
I would like to know where I could gather some phone numbers or addresses in Helsinki. I have one address, how can I get to know the phone number? 166 16.8.2001 The best way of finding out about your friend's whereabouts is to call Elisa Communications' national telephone number / address enquiry service. The number is 118. You do not need any arial code number, just dial 118.
Are there Quaker meetings in Helsinki and/or Roman Catholic masses? If so, when and where are they? 222 2.8.2001 About Roman Catholics in Helsinki you will find information on, especially "Tapahtumia" and "Basic information in English". About Quakers
I want to know information about Alfred Lunt. I especially want to verify his Finnish background. He was a famous actor in USA in the l920-l950's and was… 615 31.7.2001 After checking all the resources at our disposal, I regret to have to tell you that we could not find any more information than you already had. (The only web page mentioning Alfred Lunt's Finnish background was ) There might still exist a slight possibility of finding out something through the Institute of Migration ( ). We recommend that you contact them.
Is there information as to the construction and installation of the clock in the tower of the Helsinki train station ? Thank you. 606 30.7.2001 Very little information about the clock could be found in books or in the internet. In the book Högström Hilkka: Helsingin rautatieasema - Helsinki railway station (ISBN 951-53-0533-0) is the following chapter: "The Siemens-Schuckert electrical company installed the German clockwork for the Helsinki Railway Station tower. Originally the weights had to be cranked up daily by hand. The dial was made by a Finnish workshop (Oy Arvo Urho). In the 1930's, an electric rewinding apparatus was installed, and in 1980 the clock was coupled with a quart-controlled central mechanism. ...Over the years, travellers have liked to bet on the tower's dimensions. Its height from street level is 48.5 metres. The diameter of the dial is 3.3 metres; the…
I found the full text of the Kalevala in project runeberg. Can you tell me if the text can be viewed in English anywhere on the Internet? We are participating… 1056 26.7.2001 You can find The Kalevala full text version in . If you need any further information about Finnish culture and literature you can visit The Finnish Literature Society in . They have a lot of background information about The Kalevala and Finnish literature. If you need more general information about Finland and for example our education or language these pages might be worth visiting: (Finfo), . A good place to start looking for Information about Norvegian and Austrian cultures are the following pages: , .
I am writing from Portland, Oregon, US. A few weeks ago I had asked for the contact information for a record company in Finland. I received a reply but it… 528 25.7.2001 Hello! I couldn't find contact information about Sportin' Life Records, but maybe you can buy Let's Get Physical-CD fromÄÄN UUDET ÄÄNITTEET There's e-mail address : ask them! Good luck!
Can you please tell how i find a friend of mine living in oulu. But I have lost their address. 1396 19.7.2001 The address of every person living officially in Finland is available in Väestörekisterikeskus (Population Register Centre) The telephone number is 0600 0 1000 (only in Finland) The mailing address of Population register centre is Kellosilta 4 PL 7 00520 HELSINKI URL:
In 1960's a Helsinki Finland Journalist/Author wrote a short story entitled "The Princess" - non-fiction about his wife (first name Gunner - last name I can't… 2575 18.7.2001 It is the question of the Finnish-Swedish journalist and writer Gunnar Mattsson (b.1937). After The Princess he wrote a sequel to the story (Prinsen, 1966). It is a description of the first year of his little son. In his autobiographical novel Kungen (1971) he revealed the dark sides of the life of an best selling writer.His story about her wife was an international success, it was translated into thirty languages and also a film of the story was made. Unfortunately he had to struggle against a very serious drinking problem and he died relatively young, at the age of 52 in 1989. His wife Seija recovered from her long illness and worked as a nurse in Helsinki. However, the side effects of the radiotherapy had been injurious to her heart and…
Do you know the mailing address for the Sunny Bus Company? I would like to send a thank you note to one of their drivers following a recent tour. Thank you! 972 18.7.2001 The mailing address is: Aurinkobussit Oy Sunny Buses Vanha Porvoontie 246 FIN-01380 Vantaa e-mail:
I would like the contact information for a record company in Finland: Sportin' Life Records. Thank you. I want to order a CD from the company. The CD is … 611 17.7.2001 The band Trouble Bound Cospel was in Bad Vugum, it is an Internet store for records. Bad Vugum B O X 3 6 2, 9 0 1 0 1 O U L U, F I N L A N D phone / fax: + 358-(0)8-274 910 e-mail: Outside Europe the Postage and packaging is -250g USD 4 and -500g USD6.
Is there any newspaper articles about Heikki Klemetti? Also anything else. Any known relatives. Doing family tree. Thank you for any help 522 12.7.2001 Heikki Klemetti, a finnish composer, was born in Kuortane February 14th 1876. His father was Herman Klemetti and mother Eva Lovisa Vettberg. He married Armi Hämäläinen (born April 12th 1885) in 1908, she was a daughter of Lauri Hämäläinen and Emma Fredrika Kekoni. Heikki Klemetti died in Helsinki August 26th 1953. More information about Heikki Klemetti can be found on the following web-site of Finnish Music Information Centre There are articles about Klemetti in finnish, I didn't find any in english. You can find information about Finnish Family History Research on
Family history. 153 12.7.2001 The website adress to Finnish Genealogical Society is . You'll find more links on that site.
What is polytechnic rankings in europe from technology and business? and what is postion of finnish polytechnics and universties in the world? 306 2.7.2001 I asked the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC) ( if there is some official board that ranks European polytechnics and universities. They told me that there is no such board. That is, there are no official ranking lists that compare polytechnics of Europe. I have found university ranking lists produced by different institutions for a few separate European countries. They are (Universities of Germany) (Universities of Norway)… (Universities of Great Britain) (…
Can you suggest where can i find specialized publications relating to security equipment manufacturers or access control industry. 141 28.6.2001 Finnish companies can be searched in Blue Book company director: > Select Security > Search > Free text search. Search terms: alarm devices; access control; burglar alarm devices. A leading Finnish company in the field is Securitas Tekniikka Oy. Their home page on the net ( ) is only in Finnish, but their record in Blue Book is also in English (… ). Internet address worth checking:, title of the site: Alarms and Security Devices. Google search engine ( ) gives relevant links with the above search terms, also terms like security…
I am looking for Finland's Employment Contracts Act in English. The number for the act is 320/1970. Can you send the web site or send it as an attachment to… 600 20.6.2001 Unfortunately I could not find the act in English either. Finland being a bilingual country all the legislation is both in Finnish and Swedish, not necessarily in English. Now, I wonder, whether you are interested in this old act from 1970 or prefer an up to date statute. The fact is that the Employment Contracts Act has been totally revised. The new act 55/2001 came into force June 1, 2001 and replaces the act 320/1970. You can find it in Finnish or Swedish in , but of course it needs to be translated. The Library of Parliament is specializing in legislation, so I guess they might be able to help you. Their e-mail is: kirjasto
I want to know which are the correspondents for JOHN - masculin and feminin - with any variations in Finnish langage. 580 5.6.2001 Here follows some of the most ordinary ones (corresponding for John in Finnish): Masculin: Jani, Janne, Johannes, Jon, Joni, Jonne, Jonni, Jouni, Juha, Juhana, Juhani, Juho, Jukka, Jussi Feminin: Janika, Janina, Janita, Janna, Janni, Jenna, Jenni, Johanna, Jonna
We are looking to verify the name of a 20th century Finnish artist. The drawing in question was done in charcoal, and is of a nude female. The signature of… 545 28.5.2001 Olemme tarkistaneet hakuteoksesta Kuvataiteilijat 1991 kaikki P-kirjaimella alkavat sukunimet: ei yhtään taiteilijaa, jonka ristimänimi olisi Armas. Sen sijaan R-kirjaimella alkavista löytyi yksi Armas: Kaarlo Armas Raunio, syntynyt 20.4.1911 Helsingissä. Hänellä on ollut näyttely USA:ssa vuonna 1972, paikkakunta Lakeover Bedford Hill. Tämä ehdotuksemme on tietenkin arvailua, mutta jos Raunio ei sovi kokonaisuuteen, niin kysykää uudelleen. - Possibly the artist you are searching is Armas Raunio, b. 20.4.1911 Helsinki.
Where can i find finnish childrens email adress???? 516 26.5.2001 have collected email search engines One of the email search engines in Finland is this… Unfortunally this service is only in finish. It might be that in these services you have to search by persons name and it doesn't allow you to search by age.