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Do libraries in Finland have an obituary index that I might request an obituary from the late 1800's to middle 1900's? I do not have a death date, just a name… 171 16.11.2001 To my knowledge the libraries in Finland do not have obituary indexes. You may be able to get a photocopy of a obituary if it has been printed in a newspaper. Most libraries have their local newspapers on microfilm. I suggest you contact your library and ask them to help you through the interlibrary lending system. At first you really should try to find out the death date. It is essential if you want to find the obituary. Most libraries have access to parish records on microfilm. On the net you can find and search information about Finnish parishes: .
I am looking for information about web forms and web usability 739 16.11.2001 Here’s some information about webforms and web usability: Links: (including some downloads) Books (available in libraries): Heslop, Brent : HTML publishing on the Internet for Windows Nielsen, Jakob : Designing Web usability Tyler, Denise : Macromedia Flash 5
How do I renew online? 492 25.10.2001 You can renew your loans twice online. Go to our home page… and choose "loans". Then you have to give your customer identification code (your library card) and password in order to sign on (if yo don't have a password yet, you will get it from any library in Turku City Library). Now you can renew your loans by selecting the loans you want to renew and clicking on "renew selected loans". The renewed loans are placed at the end of the list.
I want to know the definition of "Model Helsinki" for public libraries. 596 22.10.2001 Purpose of Helsinki City Library The Helsinki City Library provides a fundamental civic service available to everyone. As a part of the worldwide network of libraries, we offer customers unrestricted access to sources of culture and information. On an interactive basis, we develop the library services Helsinki residents need so that they can be active members of society and enjoy life more fully. On an interactive basis, we develop the library services Helsinki residents need so that they can be active members of society and enjoy life more fully. The Helsinki City Library acts as the Central Library for public libraries. We also serve as a multilingual library. Library network consists of the main library, 30 branch libraries, a number of…
Can you please send me the total height of the Tuomiokirkko? 624 19.10.2001 The height of the central tower of Tuomiokirkko is 71 meters. The church is called also Suurkirkko or Nikolain kirkko. You can find the height of the tower in Internet at page…
Looking for finlans current events in english 879 15.10.2001 You can use this www-link: There you may use especially Helsingin Sanomat(main finnish newspaper)Internationally edition.
Greetings! I live in the United States. My family has always believed that our ancestors originated from Italy. Come to find out, we are from Finland! I have… 728 8.10.2001 The address of every person living officially in Finland is available in Population Register Centre (Väestörekisterikeskus) The telephone number is 0600 0 1000 and a call costs 9,95 mk/min + local call charge. The mailing address of Population register centre is Kellosilta 4 PL 7 00520 HELSINKI It might be that your family name was originally Jaakola or Jaakkola. In order to find your ancestors you can contact The Genealogical Society of Finland Liisankatu 16 A FIN-00170 Helsinki Finland Telephone +358-9-278 1188 Fax +358-9-278 1199 E-mail
What is the 27th Amendment to the US Constitution. 833 1.10.2001 The 27th Amendment is: "No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened."
How would I go about obtain a copy of the following article: AUTHOR: Simberloff, D. ARTICLE: "The sick science of ecology: symptoms, diagnosis, and… 202 29.9.2001 That artice was published in the following journal: Eidema : an international journal of adaptive strategies of field biologists / University of Helsinki, Department of Zoology So probably the Helsinki University Library can help you. Their website with contact information can be found at
My Cardiologist, Dr. Karpenos of Westport, CT, USA prescribed Benecol powder to reduce chlorestol. He said to check the finnish web to find a source, He… 625 25.9.2001 Benecol international Internet address is There is information about Benecol, eating well, chlorestol and your healt. There you can also contact Benecol for your comments and questions
How do u make a successful mobile library? 538 20.9.2001 Tampere City library - Pirkanmaa regional library has got Netti-Nysse, it is Tampere Way to say Internetbus. Some articles of Information Science Abstracts. Mobile library services: Australia trends. A. Kenneally C. Payne Australasian Public Libraries and Information Services 13 (2) Jun 2000, p.63-71. il. tbls. Refs. Tampere mobile library service part 2. A. Kyostio Service Point (72) Sep 1998, p.34.Launching a mobile: New mobile library at last!. D. Allanach D. Hamilton Service Point (68) Feb 97, p.23, 25. State Library of Queensland has got a mobile libraries mailing lists and mobile library literature reading list http://www.slq.qld.…
Dear Sir/Madame: I am trying to locate infomation on the Alexander Palace outside of St. Petersburg, Russia and I am experiencing a great deal of difficulty. I… 1054 19.9.2001 There's a lot of information about the Alexander Palace on internet, try for example these addresses: or even better you can go straight to includes also floorplans of the palace. could also interest you.
What is Finland's motto? 4272 16.9.2001 Do you mean the competition "A motto for Europe", which was arranged by French journal Ouest France? Finland's suggestion was "Perheenä Eurooppa - kotina maailma". In English: Our family is Europe - our home is the world. Finland as a country has no official motto. Sometimes we use three words beginning with S :"Sisu, Sauna and Sibelius" . Sisu is hard to translate, it is something like courage and perseverance, sauna is the Finnish bath and Sibelius is the famous Finnish composer. But this saying is informal!
Could you give me any Internet addresses where I can find out more about the IT crime rates(hacking,software piracy etc.)as well as IT Laws and Legislation in… 702 12.9.2001 Statistics Finland has StatFin-online service if you clic the WebSelector the statistics for criminality can be found. Unfortunally IT crimes are on the category other offences whitch consist of several other crimes. IT crime rates that is rates for other offences can be found at the Library of Statistics. Contact information: Visiting address: Työpajakatu 13 B, 1. floor, Helsinki Postal address: POB 2B, FIN-00022 Statistics Finland Contact information: Visiting addressContact information:Telephone: +358 9 1734 2220 Telefax: +358 9 1734 2279 e-mail: Internet: Finlex is a Finnish legislation with a list…
I would like to have some e-mail addresses of karelian's schools and companies. Mainly in kuopio, joensuu,lieksa etc. I would appreciate if you could help me. 487 6.9.2001 You can find Joensuu schools and educational services through homepage of Joensuu city in internet: and there you see "services". There is information about The Center of Educational Services, If you press the arrow, you can have pages of different schools in Joensuu. Other North Karelian towns and communes and there educational services you can find through "Province of Karelia: The homepages of the towns". Different homepages of North Karelian companies you find through the same page: take "companies". Other homepages of North Karelian companies you can find through the pages of Joensuu Science Park: . The e-mail address of the office of employment services in Joensuu…
Where would I find information on the Siirtolais Puutarha Alue in the city of Helsinki? 1053 29.8.2001 Helsinki City has rent areas for allotment garden associations until 31.12.2026. These areas can be seen in this adress: and the contact information of the associations are here: .The union of these associations, Suomen Siirtolapuutarhaliitto ry. has also own pages: .Unfortunately all these sites are in Finnish language, but you can send email to Siirtolapuutarhaliitto: and ask for more information in English.
Dear librarians I'm a journalist in Switzerland, writing an article about libraries in Finland. I have a few questions to ask: 1. Finland has about 930 public… 4734 22.8.2001 The figure (930) you suggested is correct and does not - as you rightly surmised - include any of the university or research libraries or those of other institutes of higher education. As to the reason why Finnish people read as much as they do, it is very difficult to give any definitive answer. However, the nature of the Finnish education system which relies heavily on the services provided by the public library system may go some way of explaining the phenomenon. In other words, children learn to use libraries at a relatively young age. All this emphasises the fact that reading as such has always been highly valued in Finland. Also that fact that parents read to young children during the long and dark winter may likewise be a…
I would like to know where I could gather some phone numbers or addresses in Helsinki. I have one address, how can I get to know the phone number? 178 16.8.2001 The best way of finding out about your friend's whereabouts is to call Elisa Communications' national telephone number / address enquiry service. The number is 118. You do not need any arial code number, just dial 118.
Are there Quaker meetings in Helsinki and/or Roman Catholic masses? If so, when and where are they? 246 2.8.2001 About Roman Catholics in Helsinki you will find information on, especially "Tapahtumia" and "Basic information in English". About Quakers
I want to know information about Alfred Lunt. I especially want to verify his Finnish background. He was a famous actor in USA in the l920-l950's and was… 639 31.7.2001 After checking all the resources at our disposal, I regret to have to tell you that we could not find any more information than you already had. (The only web page mentioning Alfred Lunt's Finnish background was ) There might still exist a slight possibility of finding out something through the Institute of Migration ( ). We recommend that you contact them.