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Pls inform which libraries in Finland possess a copy of IBM and the Holocaust. Thank you. 107 30.3.2005 There are two university libraries which possess a copy of IBM and the Holocaust, Åbo Akademi and Tampere. Links to their websites are on this page… . It seems that none of the public libraries have the book in their collections. Links to the websites of public libraries are here .
I have a document (in very bad condition) from my Great Grandmother.The date is 1895. Its a small booklet. About 4" X 6" in size< and looks very official. At… 776 23.3.2005 It seems that you have found your great grandmothers passport. The texts mean both passport, the first one in Swedish ( PASS FOR UTRIKES RESA.) and the second in Finnish(MATKAPASSI ULKOMAILLE). You will find information about genealogy and research in Finland in the Internetsite of the Genealogical Society of Finland, . Maybe the site of the Institute of Migration would also be of some interest to you, .
Can you tell me the best way to locate someones address and telephone number in the Helsinki area please? Is the telephone book available on the internet? 1519 23.3.2005 The address of every person living officially in Finland is available in Väestörekisterikeskus (Population Register Centre). You can make inquiries in english by telephone or by mail. Contact information to address service,
Do you have fax machines available at Tampere City Library? 127 23.3.2005 I'm sorry to inform You that we don't have fax machine for public use. Would You like to use Our Internet services instead? Is it possible that You send Your papers in an attachment file by email. We have scanners, Internets and personal assistance in our Netsquares in Sampola and in Hervanta. More information on page and
I am a Spanish student, and i need a book for research. The problem is that i don´t know where to look it up, and wether if i can find it in any of the… 154 22.3.2005 Unfortunately, it seems that we don't have that book in any of the libraries in Finland.
Could you send me some informations about libraries in your country. For example: •history, •number of public,university and reference, libraries, • number of… 1034 15.3.2005 You will find information about Finnish libraries at our website . Information about different libraries is in the libraries-channel, , and information about events and development in the library branch in the library branch-channel, . Finnish public library statistics can be found in and Finnish resarch library statistics in action=change&choose_language=3 . You can also contact the National Library of Finland, see .
What is the Finnish word for library? 139 10.3.2005 Finnish word for library is kirjasto. Finland´s other offical language is Swedish and Swedish word for library is bibliotek.
Haluaisin tietää, mitä strategisia kumppaneita yleisellä kirjastolla voi olla. 162 9.3.2005 Kumppanuus tarkoittaa Ståhlen ja Laennon (2000) mukaan sekä yrityksen ulkoisia yhteistyösuhteita että sen sisäistä toimintakulttuuria, joissa toimijoina ovat ihmiset, ja joiden varaan myös kumppanuus rakentuu. Kumppanuus ei ole myötäsyntyistä, ja siksi sitä pitää rakentaa kuten johtajuuttakin, johon kumppanuuden taito sisältyy. Strategia –sana itsessään viittaa sodankäyntiin, josta se on lainattu liikemaailmaan ja sitä kautta se on rantautunut myös kirjastomaailmaan. Käsitteenä strategia voidaan ymmärtää läheisenä toimintatapana Strateginen kumppanuus yhdistää tietoresursseja siten, että kumppanit saavuttavat merkittävää strategista etua itselleen. Strategisessa kumppanuudessa molemmilla osapuolilla onkin tasavertaiset roolit, jotka…
Which libraries in Finland use Emilda System? 547 26.2.2005 According to the newsletter of the School Library Association in Finland (Suomen koulukirjastoyhdistys ry, Jäsentiedote 1/2005) two school libraries in Espoo have some experience in using the Emilda system. The schools are Finno skola and Mattlidens gymnasium
I would like to know where i could get information about the log homes manufacturing industry in Finland or if there is a book about it. 453 25.2.2005 There's a great deal of information about our log house industry to be found on the Internet, but unfortunately a shortage of books on the subject. Please try the following links: Wood Focus Finland at Do try their free word search under "Links". The Centre of Expertise for Wood Products at There's a database for finding manufacturers on the finnish sites only. The WoodFinland Programme at For statistics contact the Statistics Finland, the address on the Net is
Who is the Minnesota native that created a barbeque sauce? (must be african american) 497 25.2.2005 Your question is quite difficult 'cause there are a lot of barbeque sauce creators in Minnesota. One of the most famous is John Michaels who was the National Beef Cook-Off winner in the year 1988.
I would like to know where to go to look up a surname for geneology research. The name is Juola. 167 19.2.2005 Find out about a name by looking it up in books or atlases on surnames. The name Juola points either to Ostrobothnia or to the far east, to Ruokolahti. Juolan talo, the Juola house, was known in the 16th century in Kalajoki. The name seems to have been Juvala or Juvola at first, which means that the patron of the house was called Johannes(=Juva). To find out more about a name you should go to the Genealogical Society of Finland's website. The adress is Find the articles under the heading Personal Names. Then give the HisKi -church records database a try. Here's a way to go: 1)click on search program 2)choose All 3)choose Christened 4)write the name where the Father's last name is asked for 5)click on Submit You can also…
I would like to ask you if there is existing a town called Oslo, but not the capital of Norway? I have a memory that I had tought at school that there is one… 570 2.2.2005 There is a little town called "Oslo" in the USA, in Minnesota. You can search it in the world atlases. In Finland we have a town called "Oulu". Maybe you learned about "Oulu" at school.
I would like to know, if there is a web page, where I can find information on types of events in Finnish public libraries (if there is such a classification)? 660 1.2.2005 Yes, there are public libraries in Finland as well. The webpage of the Finnish libraries, , contains mostly information about Finnish public libraries. See, the Libraries channel, Public libraries, . On the Front Page and in the section Library branch of this site you can find some information about events in Finnish public libraries. However, the major part of the information about events in public libraries in Finland is published in Finnish and Swedish at the same site ( , ). You can also visit the site of the Finnish Library Association, .
My deceased mother was Finnish and I am interested in determining her ancestors who lived in Finland. Could you please provide me with on-line e-mail links to… 530 1.2.2005 The parish records are the main information sources for genealogists in Finland. Our church legislation resticts however the free use of information concerning events from the 20th century, so it can be difficult to find information about a person who was born so recently as your mother must have been. You will probably anyway find something of interest on the HisKi- Church Records database on the Genealogical Society's webbsite, if your search concerns ancestors born more than a hundred years ago. The adress is Please don't hesitate to turn to the Genealogical Society for help. You can also send a request to the Population Register Centre in Helsinki. Their adress is: http://www.…
I would like to know if I can get any book on immigrant entrepreneurship like 1. Immigrant Entrepreneurs - Venturing Abroad in the Age of Globalization Robert… 133 19.1.2005 The two books are owned by the Helsinki School of Economics Library, see the library's on-line catalogue at
I am interested in information about the work of Alvar Aalto. 926 12.1.2005 You could visit these webadresses: and and from you can find much more interesting info. - Naturally there are lots of books about Alvar Aalto, also in English. Some of them you can find from our Lapin kirjasto database, only write Aalto, Alvar to the subject heading in… Maybe part of them are no more available in bookstores.
My question is: the city of Turku has honoured a famous dutchman. Do you know the name of the person? Thanks for the effort. Greetings from Holland. 692 11.1.2005 There is a street called Peter Thorwöste road in Turku. Peter Thorwöste was a dutchman, who lived in Turku in the 17th century, and died here 1659. He was a well-known tradesman and industrialist, he founded for example ironworks in Fiskars. Some further information about Fiskars you can find here: Could this Peter Thorwöste be "the famous dutchman" you are looking for? If he is not, could you please give us more information about the man you are trying to identify. When did he live? What did he do for living?
Il ruolo della donna nel opera "Niskavuoren Heta" di Hella Wuolijoki. 1109 7.1.2005 Per quanto riguarda la sua tema (il ruolo della donna nel opera "Niskavuoren Heta" di Hella Wuolijoki) io consiglierei la ricerca di Anu Koivunen (Performative histories, foundational fictions: gender and sexuality in Niskavuori films, 2003) . In finnico c'e quella di Marja-Terttu Halpio-Huttunen (Naisen asema Hella Wuolijoen tuotannossa, Turku 1972), che è essenziale. Vale la pena di informarsi anche dalla biblioteca di universitá di Turku.
Do you know who this lady was? Lady Lacey Isabella Beatrice Milhorn. 129 4.1.2005 Lady Milhorn is an imaginary person in a Finnish LARP (Live Action Role Playing). In this game she is the founder of Milhorn boarding school in Wales. The site of the game is only in Finnish: