Why optical fibre discks should be keep away from magnate?


Why optical fibre discks should be keep away from magnate?


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Permanent magnets and strong electromagnets may damage data that has been recorded on the computers diskettes and on the video cassettes, because the information is on these in a magnetic form.
Source (in Finnish): http://www.edu.helsinki.fi/astel-ope/sahko/magneettinen_tiedon_tallennu…

Fiber Optic Cables are immunity to electromagnetic disturbance and its signal transmission characteristics make it the ideal support for high-speed data transmission. There occurs no electromagnetic radiation.
The light waves travel along the optical core which is made from silica, melted quartz or plastic.

Find more about the subject:
http://www.ieee.org/portal/site/iportals >
Find an article in the IEEE Xplore digital library

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