Dear sir /madam 1. i want list of quality school books and magazines and where to obtain with reasonable cost on net or otherwise pescribed by international…


Dear sir /madam
1. i want list of quality school books and magazines
and where to obtain with reasonable cost on net or
otherwise pescribed by international baccaulaurate
(IB)for their PYP,MYP,IB and IGCSE for
1.primary school programme
2.middle school programme
3.high school programme
for their schools for Grades K -9 for subjects
French / German / Hindi / Spanish
Business Studies
Computer Studies
Information and Communication technology
English (Second Language)
2. could you give me information on most popular
school library software that can be implemented in
3.can greenstone software generate automatic link for
websites,gopher sites,blogs and other virtual library
material, when data regarding it is feeded into it
4. Does bar code reader comes with tags which can be
fiexed on the books and reader run on it for
retrieving information for books ? whether it works
with any library software available in the market or
is there any special librarysoftware to which it is
used only
may i expect answer to question WITH IN COUPLE OF DAYS


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First I would like to acknowledge that this answer is provided by a librarian at the Helsinki City Library (in Finland). We do not have specialized information on the international baccalaureate curriculum, school libraries or software for school libraries. We can therefore only give recommendations for where you can find the exact answers.

1. To acquire an accurate answer to your first question I suggest that you visit the International Baccalaureate website ( You can e.g. log on to their Online curriculum centre ( or send in your question through their information service,

2. For information on the most popular school library software I suggest that you visit the ENSIL - European Network for School Libraries and Information Literacy website ( Here you can find resources and contacts to others working in the school library field. If you are not located in Europe, you can find links to other school library organizations through this same website. Hopefully the link “Information technology in Schools Libraries” will give you the information you need.

3. Concerning the greenstone software I recommend that you contact the provider directly ( Through this article in Wikipedia you can find links to other sites with information on greenstone software:

4. Bar code readers are accessories that can be obtained from different manufacturers and the “code tags” that are fixed on library material are provided by other manufacturers. Usually these tags can be obtained through the library software provider.

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