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Can you suggest where can i find specialized publications relating to security equipment manufacturers or access control industry. 101 28.06.2001 Finnish companies can be searched in Blue Book company director: > Select Security > Search > Free text search. Search terms: alarm devices; access control; burglar alarm devices. A leading Finnish company in the field is Securitas Tekniikka Oy. Their home page on the net ( ) is only in Finnish, but their record in Blue Book is also in English (… ). Internet address worth checking:, title of the site: Alarms and Security Devices. Google search engine ( ) gives relevant links with the above search terms, also terms like security…
I am looking for Finland's Employment Contracts Act in English. The number for the act is 320/1970. Can you send the web site or send it as an attachment to… 511 20.06.2001 Unfortunately I could not find the act in English either. Finland being a bilingual country all the legislation is both in Finnish and Swedish, not necessarily in English. Now, I wonder, whether you are interested in this old act from 1970 or prefer an up to date statute. The fact is that the Employment Contracts Act has been totally revised. The new act 55/2001 came into force June 1, 2001 and replaces the act 320/1970. You can find it in Finnish or Swedish in , but of course it needs to be translated. The Library of Parliament is specializing in legislation, so I guess they might be able to help you. Their e-mail is: kirjasto
I want to know which are the correspondents for JOHN - masculin and feminin - with any variations in Finnish langage. 524 05.06.2001 Here follows some of the most ordinary ones (corresponding for John in Finnish): Masculin: Jani, Janne, Johannes, Jon, Joni, Jonne, Jonni, Jouni, Juha, Juhana, Juhani, Juho, Jukka, Jussi Feminin: Janika, Janina, Janita, Janna, Janni, Jenna, Jenni, Johanna, Jonna
We are looking to verify the name of a 20th century Finnish artist. The drawing in question was done in charcoal, and is of a nude female. The signature of… 514 28.05.2001 Olemme tarkistaneet hakuteoksesta Kuvataiteilijat 1991 kaikki P-kirjaimella alkavat sukunimet: ei yhtään taiteilijaa, jonka ristimänimi olisi Armas. Sen sijaan R-kirjaimella alkavista löytyi yksi Armas: Kaarlo Armas Raunio, syntynyt 20.4.1911 Helsingissä. Hänellä on ollut näyttely USA:ssa vuonna 1972, paikkakunta Lakeover Bedford Hill. Tämä ehdotuksemme on tietenkin arvailua, mutta jos Raunio ei sovi kokonaisuuteen, niin kysykää uudelleen. - Possibly the artist you are searching is Armas Raunio, b. 20.4.1911 Helsinki.
Where can i find finnish childrens email adress???? 472 26.05.2001 have collected email search engines One of the email search engines in Finland is this… Unfortunally this service is only in finish. It might be that in these services you have to search by persons name and it doesn't allow you to search by age.
I would like to find information about the history of Esplanadi (Helsinki) 596 25.05.2001 There seems to be only one book in English about Esplanadi: "The Esplanade during the 19th century--Helsinki" by Henrik Lilius, 1984 (ISBN 87-85176-20-6). This work is primarily a pictorial production. It has color reproductions of original tinted project plans and black & white reproductions of original monocrome project plans. The photographs show what form the Esplanade did in fact take during the 19th century. The following address… has an article about Esplanadi as well.
Do you know of a children's version of the Kalevala written by Mauri Kunnas? How would I purchase it in the US? 493 04.05.2001 The Book is called the Canine Kalevala. The following information was found in the Library of Congress Online Catalog (adress= : The canine Kalevala / Mauri Kunnas, Tarja Kunnas ; [translated and adapted... LC Control Number: 93855806 Type of Material: Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.) Brief Description: Kunnas, Mauri. The canine Kalevala / Mauri Kunnas, Tarja Kunnas ; [translated and adapted from the Finnish by Tim Steffa]. Koirien Kalevala. English Helsinki : Otava, 1992. [30] p. : col. ill. ; 30 cm.
Would you please recommend an English translation of the Kalevala I could obtain in the US? 1246 04.05.2001 Please contact the Library of Congress (adress= ). There You can find at least this edition of the English translation of Kalevala: The Kalevala : an epic poem after oral tradition / by Elias Lönnrot ;... LC Control Number: 89179615 Type of Material: Book (Print, Microform, Electronic, etc.) Brief Description: [Kalevala. English.] The Kalevala : an epic poem after oral tradition / by Elias Lönnrot ; translated from the Finnish with an introduction and notes by Keith Bosley ; and a foreword by Albert B. Lord.Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1989.lvi, 679 p. : ill. ; 19 cm.
What is a Microfiche? 420 02.05.2001 Microfische (mikrokortti in finnish)is a flat piece of film containing microphotographs of the pages of a printed text or document. You can read microfische only with special kind of device.
Need information on national flower. Bird? Animal? 516 02.05.2001 Finland´s national nature symbols are
Which government office in Finland determines design standards for bicycle paths (width, traffic separation, signage, snow clearing, etc.)? 515 18.04.2001 Please visit the site of Network of Finnish Cycling Municipalities: . There are some useful addresses at the end of the page. Email address of the co-ordinator Tapio Linna is . In Helsinki the municipal organ is Traffic Planning Division in City Planning Department. The pages are unfortunately only in Finnish and Swedish: . One of the contact people is Antero Naskila
Where can I find the following book? Hansen and Nielsen "The Economic Analysis of the EU" McGrow-Hill, 1997 107 11.04.2001 There is a book "An Economic Analysis of the EU" by Drud Hansen, Jörgen available in the library of Turun kauppakorkeakoulu. I suggest that you visit the library in Pasila and ask them to borrow the book for you from Turku. You can also ask the book from the library of Yleisradio, open mon-fri 9 am-6 pm, tel (09) 148 015 619, but they might not want to help you.
I am looking for material (books, cassetes, videos, CDs etc) for studying Danish (the language) on my own. Could you kindly tell me where would it be… 584 10.04.2001 There are some Danish courses in English in the public libraries: Jones, W. Glyn : Colloquial Danish--a complete language course. 1998 Danish phrase book / compiled by Lexus Ltd with Gert Ronberg. 1998 Garde, Anna: Danish dictionary--English-Danish--Danish-English. 1995 | Scandinavian phrase book & dictionary. 1995 Elsworth, Bente: Danish--a complete course for beginners . 1994 The availability of these courses you can check in this Internet adress:
Where can I get information on the Kuusisto Castle and the restored Kuusisto Manor? Are there any photographs of the Manor? I would appreciate receiving any… 509 04.04.2001 The Kuusisto Castle and the Manor are situated on the Island of Kuusisto near the town of Kaarina, and they are not connected to the Kuusisto family (Kuusisto is a common surname in Western and Central Finland). In the following Finnish pages there are photographs of the Kuusisto Manor (Kuusiston kartano): and Here is a photograph of the ruins of the Kuusisto Castle (Kuusiston linna): And these pages contain some information in English about the Castle and the Manor:…
Where can I get an information about main holidays in Finland if I need it very soon? Please help me. 97 03.04.2001 I recommend you the Virtual Finland webpages maintained by the Press and Cultural Department of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the internet address they are an excellent starting point to the Finnish society, politics, news and cultural events. On the mainpage choose FinFoDirectory. In the directory pick "The Finnish Way of Life". There you'll find articles about "The traditional Finnish festivities ", "Finnish Easter traditions", "Midsummer in Finland" etc. If you need the exact dates I recommend you to look in a good calendar, which usually list the main public holidays all over Europe. A good source is also "The Europe World Year Book" . The "Year 2000 volume" contains the dates of 2001 holidays…
Where and how I could find a ref book of deceased people,to find the date of my father departed THANKS 120 31.03.2001 Unfortunately there is neither a referencebook nor a database available, which would contain information on the deceased all over the country. What I recommend you to do is to find out the city or county where your father lived and contact the parish register office. However, if he was killed in the Second Worldwar (1939-1945) you most propably will find this information in the address which contains the file of fallen soldiers in the war 1939-45. This database is available also in English. If you are interested in genealogic research I recommend you to check , which has excellent links, too. Another useful address , which is run by the Church of Jesus Christ…
Teen opinnäytetyötä Intranetista ja etsin englanninkielisiä lähdeteoksia aiheesta. Mm.Mikä on Intranet? Miten sellaisen voi kehittää ja miten ylläpitää? Siis… 418 23.03.2001 Suurkaupunkialueen kirjastojärjestelmästä löytyy ainakin seuraavanlaisia kirjoja: Nielsen, Jakob: Designing Web usability, 2000; Pedley, Paul: Intranets and push technology - creating an information-sharing environment, 1999; Keen, Peter K. W.: The business Internet and Intranets - a manager's guide to key terms and concepts, 1998; Matthews, Martin S.: FrontPage 98 - the complete reference, 1998; Intranet resource kit (ed. by Prakash Ambegaonkar), 1997; Bremner, Lynn M.: Intranet bible, 1997; Thomas, Stephen A.: Building your Intranet with Windows NT 4.0. 1997; Bannan, Joan:Intranet document management - a guide for Webmasters and content providers, 1997; Official Microsoft Intranet solutions - using Microsoft Office 97 and…
Where can I find info on Name day? I have been told that each Finnish person has a Birthday and a Name day 460 21.03.2001 The best way to find out about Finnish name days is to buy yourself a calendar or an almanac that has a list of Finnish male and female names. The Finnish almanac has 361 Finnish female names and 354 Finnish male names; the Swedish almanac version has 263 female names and 264 male names. Most names the Finnish use can be found on the almanac, but some new ones cannot be found on almanacs, these names do not have an official name day at all. You will find calendars and almanacs e.g. in bookshops. If you want to learn more about Finnish names, you might take a look at There are many Finnish name links and also a pronunciation guide. A fairly good web page is also…
Our company needs the text (in English or in Russian) of Finland Securities Market Act (1989 year, No 495). Where can we find it? Our company is situated in… 550 21.03.2001 Please contact the Library of Parliament. The Securities Market Act (arvopaperimarkkinalaki 495/1989) is available in English. The library has interlending services, tel. +35894323450, email: The text is in Internet in Finnish: , you can choose the year 1989, the laws are in numerical order.
Are Finland's telephone white pages soon to be available on the internet?Tnaks 681 16.03.2001 Here are a few Internet-links you can look. Some of them are in Finnish and you must register. Some of the information is free of charge and some isn't. , . You can look in English… .