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Which sort of gestional software do you use for this digital reference service? 896 17.04.2009 Our software is a product specially made for our use upon a programme basis named Meteor. It is planned and produced in Finland by Sininen Meteoriitti, Blue Meteorite,, in cooperation with an other Finnish firm Connexor, which is specialised in semantic web tools.
I would like some articles and information about how language policy impacts library services in Finland with regards to the Swedish-speaking minority. How… 895 25.09.2012 There is an article in a newest library magazine Bibban: - Library services for Swedish-speaking Finns (Bibban, 2, 2012) And an other one in Scandinavian public library quarterly, but it is already quite old: - Swedish library matters in Finland / Rosenqvist, Kerstin (Scandinavian public library quarterly, 1991, 4. s. 29-31) Maybe you should contact Susanne Allroth (Regional State Administrative Agencies):
Could you give me any Internet addresses where I can find out more about the library legislation or regulations in Finland. 893 05.03.2002 You can find Finnish library act 904/1998 at ACT . This act concerns public libraries in Finland. About Finnish library system you can study from web-sites of Ministry of Education and there you can find also some publications on Finnish libraries. Finnish library policy programme 2001-2001 is also readable via web as a summary . Also in this page and the Libray branch -page is worth knowing.
I am from Afghanistan (Pashto speaker) living in Helsinki and we have so many Pashto speaker families here, but unfortunately there is no book in the library… 886 24.02.2004 Thank you for your concern! According to the acquisitions and cataloguing department of Helsinki City Library, the purchasing of books in Pashto is quite complicated. However, we have managed to get some material. The books are available after they have been processed for circulation (transliterating etc.).
Dear Sir! I wonder about inheritance rules for digital contents(Email, Blog, Homepage for social networking, Game avatar etc) If someone die in a sudden, He or… 886 29.09.2010 Dear Sir According to the [Finnish) Copyright Act (404/1961) Anyone who has created a literary or artistic work has a copyright for his/her work (in section 1). (The work can be e.g. in digital form or the work can be published on the web, but it has to be a work. I'm sure You understand well, that in many cases there is a difficult judicial question about that if some creation is/is not a work.) After the death of the author the copyright is applicable to matrimonial law, wills and succession rules. (in section 41) Unfortunately the Copyright Act translation is not available in Finlex (an open judicial data bank on the web). You can ask for a translation to English of the Ministry of the Justice e-mail: I hope this…
Dear Madame, Dear Sir, I have a question about Finish library statistics. I found the website with a lot of information. I was wondering if there… 886 20.11.2012 We have a public library statistics -database, but it does’nt include statistics about Internet access in libraries anymore. We had figures on our pages in the early 2000’s, but nowadays we do’nt give those figures anymore, because all public libraries have Internet access (this fact is stated ex.g. on the site of the Ministry of Education and Culture). We can somewhat safely conclude that atleast almost all if not all public libraries provide internet access and computers for their customers. Ministry of Education and Culture The question about WiFi-connections is more difficult. We do'nt have a listing made by libraries. On a service available in the Net…
Do you know the mailing address for the Sunny Bus Company? I would like to send a thank you note to one of their drivers following a recent tour. Thank you! 886 18.07.2001 The mailing address is: Aurinkobussit Oy Sunny Buses Vanha Porvoontie 246 FIN-01380 Vantaa e-mail:
Who will answer Ask a Librarian guestions - the specialists or librarians? How big is this service? How good (accurate, detailed) are the answers? 885 07.05.2003 People who are giving answers in our service are all librarians. In addition of 51 public libraries there are also special libraries participating this service. The Ask a Librarian started in 1999. We have sent almost 70 000 answers (-2018). Of these almost 40 000 are in the public archive of the service. In the year 2017 2830 questions were answered, this year 3054 (1.1.2018-22.10.2018). In the year 2017 174 different librarians answered question in the service. It is a bit difficult to estimate how good (accurate, detailed) the answers are. Our target is to give as good answers as possible. We usually give a couple of good sources (books and web-sites) but quite often also advice, how to search (adresses of the databases, suitable…
I'm interested in educational activities in museums in Finland. I visited several museums and interviewd people working there. But I couldn't acquire… 883 11.02.2011 You could be contact to Finnish Museums Association, contact information on page
Is autism from congenital disease or not? 882 26.11.2008 We do not have the expertise to answer medical questions or contemplate questions like this. The best person you can ask this question would be an expert in autism. Maybe you could ask a faculty of medicine near your home residence, whether they can recommend you somebody. You can find information about autism for instance in following books (which I found in our collections in Finland): Wall, Kate, Autism and early years practise : a guide for early years professionals, teachers and parents. London : Paul Chapman Publishing, 2004. Frith, Uta, Autism.: Esplaining the enigma. 1990. Tinbergen, Niko, Autistic children.1985. Tammet, Daniel, Born on a blue day : a memoir of Asperger's and an extraordinary mind. London : Hodder & Stoughton,…
I'm a teacher writing from Poland. I'd like to know a bit more about Finnish libraries: what they have to offer, how they cooperate with schools, what the key… 881 04.02.2015 First a link to a publication, which you may find interesting… Net resources: - Ministry of Education; Libraries in Finland - Ministry of education;Library network in Finland - The National Library of Finland - - School libraries in Finland (Article)
I am interested in applying for a Fulbright in Finland and wish create a photo essay that will focus on the public library in Finland as a gateway to culture… 880 05.07.2007 Public libraries in Finland are separate entities, that is, there is no national president or director but the Ministry of Education lays down the main guidelines for public libraries. The following web-site contains a wealth of information about the libraries and their activities in Finland. You can visit individual libraries’ web-pages most of which also contain pictures about library premises: Here are a couple of web-sites of the major Finnish public libraries: ;… ; ;
I would like to know the origin of the term 'Yellow Journalism'. 879 21.01.2009 The term "yellow journalism" was derived from Robert Outcault's comic strip "The Yellow Kid" around 1895. The battling newspapers, Joseph Pulitzer's New York World and William Randolph Hearst's New York Journal, were both accused of sensationalizing the news. Both also published the Yellow Kid. The term was at first "yellow kid journalism" but was then shortened as "yellow journalism". More information about the background of the term:
I'm Brazil in Rio de Janeiro and I want to clarify a doubt. What are the most common questions that users of the internet do for you? Please I need help from… 878 05.07.2010 We have a couple of ways of analyzing our questions: we can look for words most used in questions sent to us, we can follow the most common searches, we can see the most read questions in the archive and follow questions that have been answered by the semantic librarian. In all these we can see that people ask us much about litterature, poetry and about authors. One of the most common questions considers names, people want to know the origin, etymology, of names, both christian names and family names. Also models for will and other dees are of great interest. Library services are also a common topic in our questions. There are a few studies about Ask a Librarian, but they are in Finnish. Also you can study the contents of Ask a Librarian…
Madam, sir for our choir in Switzerland I am in search for the full text and full score of the traditional folk song "taivas on sininen ja valkoinen...", I… 877 14.09.2010 I found the finnish folk song "Taivas on sininen ja valkoinen" in two books (Suuri toivelaulukirja 1 and Kultaiset koululaulut vanhoilta ajoilta). In both books there is only two strophes. So It seems that song consits only those two strophes.
What is the definition of plagiarism? 876 26.11.2008 According to BBC English Dictionary (Harper Collins Publishers, 1992) plagiarism is "the practice of using or copying someone else's idea or work and pretending that you thought of it or created it". The word is also "used showing disapproval". More definitions can be found in Google. Write 'define:plagiarism' (without quotes) in Google's search box. You can found article on plagiarism in Wikipedia:
Please where I can find online library from where I could buy book Kalevala? I would like to have one in Finnish language. 874 21.05.2012 You don’t need to buy Kalevala: you can find it from Project Gutenberg at Kalevala is a very old book so it’s not copyrighted anymore. You can read and copy it as you like. You can download Kalevala in a format suitable for you. There is also the English version at
Good morning, I'm looking for results of these cross country skiing races: -15 km men Davos (22nd of January, 1975): only placements of Finnish skiers - Final… 873 08.10.2011 World Cup 1975: 3. Juha Mieto, 107, 6. Juhani Repo and Vasili Rotsev (USSR) 84 World Cup 1976: 1. Juha Mieto, 133, 2. Arto Koivisto, 131 World Cup 1977: 2. Juha Mieto, 93, 16. Matti Pitkänen, 40, 19. Arto Koivisto, 37, 20. Juhani Re-po, 32 World Cup 1978: 5. Juha Mieto and Giulio Capitanio (ITA) 84 Source: Mitä Missä Milloin 1976, 1977, 1978 and 1979. I couldn´t find information about two other races you metntioned. Maybe you could contact Sports Library of Finland e-mail:urheilukirjasto(at) Other links:…
I have a question: What qualities define a great team leader? Thank you for your answer 871 31.01.2013 You can find litterature in English about teams and leadership from Helmet-online catalogue ( for example by using keywords (in Finnish) tiimit and johtaminen and then limit the search by language (English). As a result you get, among others, Belbin, Meredith: Team roles at work 2010; Robbins, Stephen P: Essentials of organizational behavior 2010; Godard, Alain: Transformational leadership: shared dreams to succeed 2000; Goleman, Daniel: The new leaders: transforming the art of leadership into the science of results 2003. Here is one internetpage dealing with the subject:
I want to book a time to practice piano at the library next to Rautatienasema. Is it possible? How do I do it? 870 05.04.2012 You can book the piano room in Library 10 by phone or via Internet. The phone number is 09 3108 5000. The room can also be booked at Choose “Library 10” and click “Show available times”. Then check “Workspaces” and choose the number 41 (“Practice room Electric piano”). You need your library card number and pin code when booking the room.