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Do you have the book 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' by Dale Carnegie in the Finnish language? Even better, do you have this as an äänikirja in the… 3475 15.12.2011 In Finnish, the title is "Miten saan ystäviä, menestystä, vaikutusvaltaa". In HelMet libraries there are several editions of the book. You can check their availability in HelMet Web Library:*fin/?searchtype=t&searcharg=Miten+saan+y… Unfortunately, the book does not seem to exist as an audio book.
What is Finland's motto? 3473 16.9.2001 Do you mean the competition "A motto for Europe", which was arranged by French journal Ouest France? Finland's suggestion was "Perheenä Eurooppa - kotina maailma". In English: Our family is Europe - our home is the world. Finland as a country has no official motto. Sometimes we use three words beginning with S :"Sisu, Sauna and Sibelius" . Sisu is hard to translate, it is something like courage and perseverance, sauna is the Finnish bath and Sibelius is the famous Finnish composer. But this saying is informal!
Who is Helena Vuorenjuuri? What is she known for? 3458 6.6.2008 Ms. Helena Vuorenjuuri is a Finnish journalist, most active in the 60's till 80's. She specialized in cook books and articles about food, drink and husbandry. She collaborated with her husband in a couple of books, to mention one Hyvää joulua (in English Merry Christmas). The Finnish composer Ilkka Kuusisto has composed a cycle of songs Suomalainen Vieraanvara (Finnish Hospitality) to recipe texts by Ms. Vuorenjuuri. I wish you success with your choice of repertoire.
I went to the Seurassaren Joulupolku yesterday. There were straw bundles on the trees, and animal shapes made of straw on the ground. What are their names in… 3337 14.12.2011 The bundle made of straw is called 'lyhde' or 'olkilyhde' in Finnish. It is traditionally for feeding birds in winter. For example in this website you can see a picture of olkilyhde: The animal shape is typically a billy coat and it is called 'olkipukki'. It is a traditional Finnish Christmas decoration and is still popular in many homes. Some information about traditional Finnish christmas for example in this website: Information about The Seurasaari Christmas Path (Joulupolku) in English you can see here:
How looks the age distribution of the Ask A Librarian users? 3244 21.5.2008 There is no study about the age distribution of our users, the only knowledge about it relies on a questionnaire we made last year. The people who answered our questionnaire, where under 18 years 14% 18-35 21% 36-45 12% 46-55 26% 56-65 21% over 65 6% This tells off course firstly about who answers questionnaires, but also something about our users. As you can see the age distribution is quite even, whe have people asking questions from every age group. The is a power-point about the questionnaire, but it is in Finnish. It can be found under this page, which tells about our national meeting day , questionnaire slides…
What is the reason for learning classic literature today? 3096 26.1.2009 There is no simple way to explain why one should read classical literature. Indeed, the knowledge of classical literature is useful in more ways than one. Here are a couple of points worth pondering. First of all, we have to make a distinction between classical literature and the so called classics, the former pertaining to ancient Greek and Roman literature in all its forms and later literature such as, for example, 18th and 19th century world literature. Let us assume that the question concerns European heritage. So in the following, we refer with classical literature refers mainly to the great masterpieces of the Greek and Roman civilizations. However, we have to remember that both Greeks and Romans owed much to the preceding Egyptian…
How many School has its own school library? Also, I heard about there are some public libraries which are in School buildings. How many of them are there in… 3047 16.6.2008 General information on school libraries in Finland, including budgets, pedagogics and administration, can be found at;443;4160;4681;42165;51564 You may also find below link intresting…… There is an organization for school libraries and you find it useful to contact the at Finnish School Library Association Huvilinnanaukio 2A14 FI-02600 Espoo Finland
I know the story about Seija Mattsson from Ola Tungesvik whom I met in Jan.2003 in Tenerife where I spent my vacation. I tried to find English versions of all… 2937 12.12.2007 Ola Tungesviks book about Seija Mattsson was originally written in Norwegian ( Om jeg får vaere lykkelig…). The book has been translated to Finnish by the name Jos vain saan olla onnellinen…: tosi kertomus rakkaudesta by Tarja Teva 1999. Finnish Swede writer Gunnar Mattsson has also written about his wife Seija Mattsson (Prinsessan, 1965), and that book has been translated to English by the name The Princess.
Do you have a national chat-service in the library in Finland? 2497 20.11.2008 We are planning a national library chat-service, but it has'nt been published yet. At present we have only local services in Finland.
In 1960's a Helsinki Finland Journalist/Author wrote a short story entitled "The Princess" - non-fiction about his wife (first name Gunner - last name I can't… 2491 18.7.2001 It is the question of the Finnish-Swedish journalist and writer Gunnar Mattsson (b.1937). After The Princess he wrote a sequel to the story (Prinsen, 1966). It is a description of the first year of his little son. In his autobiographical novel Kungen (1971) he revealed the dark sides of the life of an best selling writer.His story about her wife was an international success, it was translated into thirty languages and also a film of the story was made. Unfortunately he had to struggle against a very serious drinking problem and he died relatively young, at the age of 52 in 1989. His wife Seija recovered from her long illness and worked as a nurse in Helsinki. However, the side effects of the radiotherapy had been injurious to her heart and…
I would like to know if there is a birth announcement for my husband born 18/09/47. If a birth announcement does not exist perhaps a newspaper article from… 2390 21.8.2007 The National Library of Finland is the right place to ask for copies of older newspapers. Their address is and concerning newspapers in particular try You might also want to contact the Genealogical Society of Finland for assistance. Their address is
What is the target group (customers, audience) for this Ask a Librarian Service? 2375 7.5.2003 This service is meant for everyone. Since we are finnish and operating in three languages, of which the two are the official languages In Finland, Finnish and Swedish, most users are finns (both Finnish speaking and Swedish speaking). We want to help also persons from abroad who have questions concerning Finland. Our questioners fit all descriptions: adults with professional or “practical” information needs, students, schoolchildren and senior citizens.
I need a pattern according to whicth I can offer "ask a librarian" service in reference section of my library. I live in Iran I want to know whitch libraries… 2325 21.4.2006 I'm afraid that your specific question about iranian libraries offering an Ask a librarian -service is too difficult for me to answer, since i can't read arabic letters and can not therefore search the websites of iranian libraries. It might be a good idea to ask for assistance in the National library of Iran, . There is an international Ask a librarian service, that migt be able to help you . In Sweden there is a multilingual Ask a librarian -service, they do not yet offer service in arabic, but they are planning to do so, maybe they could help you in your search. The address is . I can tell you…
What is Bertrand Russell's view of Religion? And what is his view of Christianity? Did Russell believe in religion and did he believe in God? Did he accept… 2286 4.5.2002 You have asked us very demanding questions. Unfortunately as a public library reference enquiry we have neither time or capacity to give answers to these kind of large questions. The idea of our service is mainly to help in information search. You can start searching from Internet with some search service. Good one is I searched with words "Bertrand Russell" (note quotation marks!) and found a very useful Internet site to begin with . There you find f.ex. books written about B.R.
Where does the last name "Leija" come from? Is it from Finland? 2249 13.12.2000 Word "leija" is a Finnish word indeed. In English it is translated as "a kite". The noun "leija" comes from the verb "leijata" or "leijua" (to flow). In the old or dialectal Finnish language "leija" can also mean "a bridal veil". Leija is not a very much used word as a surname but surely it can be used. In the telephone catalogue of Helsinki there is only one person with the family name Leija. Leija can also be used in compound family names such as Leijavuori (a rough translation: Kite Mountain). There is no record of Leija as a first name.
I would like to ask you about legal deposit in Finland. The law determines that National library and some university libraries (Oulu, Jyväskylä, Åbo, Joensuu… 2185 14.7.2009 According to the Legal deposit copy law (2007) the producer of any printed material, sound recording or visual recording is liable for delivering legal deposit copies of the products free of charge. Printed material is here considered to be any product with technically duplicated text or visual content. ”The law takes no position on the material´s contents, nor does it set any political, aesthetic or moral priorities or restrictions.” (Agricolasta Aku Ankkaan, p. 39.) Thus, university libraries do get copies of materials belonging to their fields of authority, regardless of content or quality of the material in question. Since 1984 the Finnish Film Archive (National Audiovisual Archive) assumed the responsibility for the supervision and…
What should be the temperature in the library to be maintained? we are from Baguio City and we are using a dehumidifier.. 2108 12.7.2010 The site of the National Board of Antiquities gives information for care for old books (in Finnish): the temperature should be 17-18 degrees (Celsius) and humidity 50%. The site of the american Northeast Document Conservation Center states, that authorities disagree on this matter, but that the most frequent recommendation a stable temperature no higher than 70°F (21 degrees Celsius) and a stable relative humidity between a minimum of 30% and a maximum of 50%.… The library of Congress has information about preserving books on their pages, See also AIC pages…
I would like to know information related to YKI test validity period. Is there any time limit how long YKI test result is valid ? I have taken the test almost… 2073 9.12.2015 If you have completed the national language proficiency test in the years 2002-2011 skill level 3, it´s still qualified to apply for citizenship. YKI test standard has changed 1.1.2012. You can view the current qualification requirements of the Finnish immigration service website.… Carried out with sufficient skill level, the national language proficiency test is valid without a time limit. You can ask for more information, call the Customer service of the Immigration Services. Customer service is available between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. from Monday to Friday on +358 295 419 600.
Will the web service of the Multicultural Library (MLC) be accessible again soon? Thank you. 2059 10.4.2008 Hello, we used to have MCL-pages many years ago, but we no longer have them. Instead we have new pages called Info Bank which contain important information for immigrants living in Finland. The web-address is: You may also acquaint yourself with the Multilingual library (formerly known as Multicultural Library)web-pages, which contain relevant information on how to use library services in Finland: Also, you can check the Helsinki Metropolitan area joint library database, which contains materials in all those languages that we have available in the HelMet-database:
Do you have the book "Cultural Shock Finland" from Deborah Swallow? Kiitos! 2052 21.7.2008 The name of the book is "Culture shock! Finland", and yes, we do have it in HelMet libraries. Please check the current availability here:… Welcome to visit any HelMet libray!