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I need this book: But I cant find it any where in Finland, Is it possible to… 73 Unfortunately, this textbook is not available in any Finnish library. It seems that no library in Europe has this title, so an interlibrary loan is not possible.
I have received a return request on a book, but the library is closed fir pandemic reasons. How do I return the book, and is the request even relevant at this… 72 Helmet-Libraries are not closed, they have been open all the time this year, but services are very limited: - Retrieval of material from the reservation shelf and from the limited selection and theme shelves at the lending machines. - Necessary, fast transactions with computers. - Pre-booking and self-service with a lending machine as the primary service. - If necessary, assistance and advice at the service desk. - There is an obligation to use a mask in transactions. (Does not apply to people with a medical condition using a face mask.)  
How do I book a meeting room for 25 people? 71 you can call to our Library for renting these rooms monday-thursday clock 12-15. 014 266 4111    
Is there an exclusive repertoire, catalog or repository of illustrated albums for adults? 71 Hello, I am afraid Vieremä library does not participate in the Ask a Librarian service. Try to contact the library directly by email or phone. Contact details: You can search for material in the collections of Rutakko libaries, which includes Vieremä, here.
I would like to ask if its possible to return a book in Vaasa Vaasa library when i borrowed it in Helsinki. 69 Unfortunately it is not possible to return a book borrowed in Helsinki to Vaasa library. You have to send the book to Helsinki library by yourself.
Is it true that Karhuso kirjasto was expanded from a small school library to the public library inside the school in 1998? I would like to know more details… 69 According to the history of the Espoo City Library, Kun pienestä tuli suuri (Tuovi Määttänen, editor, Espoon kaupunginkirjasto 2006), the library in the area was first a room in the school. In the end of the 1980's school needed the room and 1988 a building for the Karhusuo library was built. Now library is again in the same building as the school when a new school was built in the area in 2020.   This video is from the 1988 building:  
Good day! May I ask what are the requirements borrowing books and also the library card. I am an international student and my identification available is the… 68 You can apply for a library card with a valid photo ID, for example a passport. You get more information about using our library on our web site  
How to book sewing machine place? 68 In Espoo, you can reserve a sewing machine at You can also use the booking office in English You can log in with your library card and its pincode number. You can search with the word sewing machine and limit your search to, for example, the Tapiola library. When you click on the picture of the sewing machine, a window opens with a calendar at the bottom. You can choose the day and time you want. 
I used to have a helmet card, but I can't find it anymore. How can I renew it? 66 Unfortunately it is not possible to send any customer info via e-mail or phone due to confidentiality and privacy reasons.  You can obtain a temporary customer id for the access to e-library by sending a request to the address Temporary customer id is valid until 31 May, 2020. Online courses and e-books for example contain some language learning material. You can get a new permanent card from library customer service when libraries are fully open again in June. There is more information about the current situation on Helmet website.   
Team, Good Morning. We are new to Finland and am interested to borrow some story books from Library for my kids as they would like to go read stories etc. Can… 66 Here is what our rules say about the question: Wellcome!
How can I donate some to the Pasila library? 66 Libraries, except Central Library Oodi, accept material donations according to their needs. Libraries reserve the right to further channel the donations e.g. to recycling shelves from where customers can take books for themselves. Feel free to contact the Pasila Library on the matter.  You find conctact information online at Pasila Library | Helmet
I am writing with a great request. I am looking for the author and the title of the book I was reading in the Helsinki library while preparing materials for my… 63 The pages are from Björn Collinders book The Lapps (Princeton University Press, New York, 1949).  You find the book in digital form in Internet Archive.
Tietääkö kukaan vanha suomalainen tarina "KAUKAINEN SAARI" (Toivo Pekkanen), ja onko teillä Englanninkielinen käännös? Kiitos paljon! ?? 63 "Kaukaisesta saaresta" on ilmestynyt Lola Rogersin englanninnos "The Faraway Island" julkaisun Books from Finland numerossa 1/2007. Käännöksen voi lukea täällä.
Guidelines for services to teens (12-18) in public libraries in Finland. 61 Services for teens differs between Public libraries in Finland.  In the Public Libraries Act (1492/2016) it says, that public libraries are tasked with: 1) providing access to materials, information and cultural contents; 2) maintaining versatile and up-to-date collections; 3) promoting reading and literature; 4) providing information services, guidance and support in the acquisition and use of information and in versatile literacy skills; 5) providing premises for learning, recreational activities, working, and civic activities; 6) promoting social and cultural dialogue. These services are of course aimed at teens also and very often libraries co-operate with schools to provide these services for teens. It is very common that a librarian…
Can you please recommend me a dystopia book that's worth reading? Is for the Helmet challenge 60 Two classics: Margaret Atwood: Handmaid’s Tale (1985) Set in near-future, New England is known as a patriarchal, totalitarian state called the Republic of Gilead. Most women, especially poor ones, are forced to produce children for commanders and their wives as “handmaids”.   Don DeLillo: White Noise (1985) A postmodern classic about a middle-class suburb family, airborne toxic event and suspicion. Lots of dialogue in this one! Noah Baumbach just made a hilarious movie based on this classic.   And a newer one: Emily St. John Mandel: Station Eleven (2015) Civilization has collapsed as a deadly virus conquered the whole world. A traveling symphony orchestra roams the waste lands and tries to find hope in art and humane…
I have a library card. I wanted to know, if the library of Helsinki also offers snowshoes and how I can find them in the catalogue? 57 You find the snowshoes in Helmet catalogue if You make a search with the Finnish word "lumikengät". Then You refine the search result with "object" and You find that there are snowshoes available in several libraries. Lumikengät Snow shoes in Helmet Libraries
A uncle to my dad recently passed away, and I'm trying to find an old article about him that he was very proud of. I wonder if you can point me in a direction… 55 Unfortunately we could not find the article in question. In the book Laukkonen, Ilmari: Teräs Oy 1910-1982 the strike was not mentioned. Regional newspapers of that time can be read by microfilms in Vaasa city library. Unfortunately it is not possible to search any specific article.
Do you have blood pressure measurement tools for borrowing? 54 Yes, in some Helmet libraries. You can search blood pressure measurement devices from Helmet with key word "verenpainemittari". Locations and availabilities you see from the results. It´s not possible to make an online request, but you can contact the library and ask the staff. More information you find online  
I live in Korso, Vantaa. Does anyone want good used (mostly) novels in English? Soft- and hardback. 54 The Lumo library in Korso has a book recycling point in the Lumo building's lobby. The instructions are as follows: "Recycling point for books brought in by customers. Bring up to five books at a time. You can take as many as you like." There is also a book recycling point in the lobby of the Korso shopping centre (the one with the S-Market, a flower shop and others). In addition to these, the capital area recycling centres often take books.   Contact information: Lumo Library Capital area recycling centre (Kierrätyskeskus)
How do I register for self service libraries? 53 "How to register  Bring your library card and a photo ID with you. On the identity cards webpage, you can check which identity cards are accepted.  The staff asks you to read the self-service library rules. By signing the rules, you accept them. You can take the signed rules home with you.   The library employee enters your name in the library database.   Read the emergency instructions of the library you use. They are available at the library.  You can now start using the self-service library. " If there is no staff at the local library you use, contact the nearest regional library. e.g. Tapiolan or Omena.