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I am trying to find a woman who came to the United States in 1974 as an exchange student for a year. She was from Helsinki. I know she was studying to be a… 686 11.12.2001 Public has got a staff search for Finnish public libraries The address of every person living officially in Finland is available in Population Register Centre (Väestörekisterikeskus) P.O. Box 7 (Kellosilta 4), 00521 Helsinki, Finland Tel. +358 9 229 161, Fax +358 9 2291 6795
What is the best source of information when I need to know about electronic forms (e.g. those made with Word 2000)? 561 05.12.2001 It seems that it would be best to acquire some html-editor program, like FrontPage or Dreamweaver and study related literature. They contain basic knowledge about electronic forms. The same goes with intranet which can be realized in so many ways that it cannot be answered here. You can search related information from library databases (e.g. Plussa in public libraries, with subject words: ”intranet”, ”sähköiset lomakkeet”, ”FrontPage” and ”Dreamweaver”.
Need some information regarding how long it will take to go to college for criminal law 623 05.12.2001 In Finland you can study law in the university. Degrees offered by the University on Helsinki Faculty of law can be found at How to apply - International Students' Guide to the University of Helsinki can be found at To apply for admission for a Bachelor's or a Master's degree programme you must submit an application form to the university. The closing date for applications is January 31. The studying time depends on how fast the student is able to study and which degree the student is taking. For most students the studying time will be several years.
Where could i find the author and title of three entries found under the subject aids? 1103 01.12.2001 You can search items in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen city libraries' common bibliographics database Plussa Select the search type for subject heading and type aids. Also select display material in english. Here are some examples Duesberg, Peter: AIDS--the good news is HIV doesn't cause it. Rimer, Robert A.: HIV+--working the system. Johnson, Earvin: What you can do to avoid AIDS.
All I need is information on "Immigration policies." I have to write an 800-1000 word essay using research to back my argument. 702 01.12.2001 The Finnish Ministry of Labour migration affairs briefly on immigration to Finland and migration affairs links The Finnish Ministry of Finance Citizen's guide for immigrants and emigrants Metropolis - Journal of International Migration and Integration You can search items in the Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen city libraries' common bibliographics database Plussa here are some examples: Matinheikki-Kokko, Kaija: Challenges of working in a cross-cultural environment University of Jyväskylä 1997. Segal, Aaron: An…
I want to visit Finland this winter to learn why your country is excelling ours in digital technology. Do you have any advice for me/. Do you recommend any… 729 28.11.2001 General information about Finland and also about information technology in Finland you can find in Virtual Finland There is at least tree organisations, which you could check out: *Sitra, the Finnish National Fund for Research and Development *Tekes, the National Technology Agency *Fintra These organisations have publicatins also in Internet for excample: Quality of life, knowledge and competitiveness Premises and objectives for strategic development of the Finnish information society more you can find in their pages. Ministry of Trade and Industry and…
Are there any books on the histories of the following airlines: Finnair. Any information on these books is greatly appreciated. Please reply when you have any… 443 26.11.2001 Here are some books about Finnair in English language: Haapavaara, Heikki: Time flies : Finnair 75. Finnair 1999 ISBN 951-98041-1-0 Heavenly fare from the kitchens and cellars of Finnair/Anna-Maija Tanttu [et al.] ; Otava, [1998] ISBN 951-1-15633-0 Wegg, John: Finnair : the art of flying since 1923. Finnair [1983] ISBN: 951-99450-3-2 Contact your library to get these books as interlibrary loans. Have you visited Finnair's homepage? There is much information about Finnair - for example their annual reports, history, statistics etc. :
I am looking for this article: Aarne A. Koskinen "1960 Ariki, the first born. An analysis of the Polynesian Chieftain title. The Folklore Fellow Communication?… 711 21.11.2001 The book can be found in Finland from HELKA - Union Online Catalogue of the University of Helsinki Libraries Tekijä(t): Koskinen, Aarne A. Nimeke: Ariki the first-born : an analysis of a Polynesian chieftain title / Aarne A. Koskinen Julkaistu: Helsinki : Suomalainen tiedeakatemia, 1960-1961 Ulkoasu: 191, 155 s. Sarja: (FF communications, ISSN 0014-5815 ; n:o 181-182) Interlibrary loans are given between libraries, please contact your nearest library or Helsinki University Library interlibrary loan department email: . Helsinki University Library pricelist for interlibrary loans…
What are the six major rivers of Finland? Thank you. 1065 17.11.2001 The longest river in Finland is Kemijoki in Northern Finland (length 483 kilometers, catchment approximately 51.400 square kilometers). Other long rivers are Iijoki (330 km), Ounasjoki (298 km), Kitinen (278 km), Muonionjoki (230 km) and Luiro (227 km). Source of information: Statistical Yearbook of Finland 2000.
What are the words of your National Anthem? Thank you. 730 17.11.2001 Finlands national anthem is called "Maamme", that is "Our Land" in English. The song is composed by Fredrik Pacius and the lyrics are written by J. L. Runeberg (originally a poem in the Swedish language; Finnish translation by Paavo Cajander). Nowadays everybody sings it in his/her mother tongue, but as 93 % of the Finns have Finnish as their mother tongue, the Finnish version is heard more often. Here are the Finnish words: Oi maamme, Suomi, synnyinmaa, soi sana kultainen! Ei laaksoa, ei kukkulaa, ei vettä rantaa rakkaampaa kuin kotimaa tää pohjoinen, maa kallis isien. Sun kukoistukses kuorestaan kerrankin puhkeaa; viel lempemme saa nousemaan sun toivos, riemus loistossaan, ja kerran laulus, synnyinmaa, korkeemman kaiun saa. Originally…
Do libraries in Finland have an obituary index that I might request an obituary from the late 1800's to middle 1900's? I do not have a death date, just a name… 135 16.11.2001 To my knowledge the libraries in Finland do not have obituary indexes. You may be able to get a photocopy of a obituary if it has been printed in a newspaper. Most libraries have their local newspapers on microfilm. I suggest you contact your library and ask them to help you through the interlibrary lending system. At first you really should try to find out the death date. It is essential if you want to find the obituary. Most libraries have access to parish records on microfilm. On the net you can find and search information about Finnish parishes: .
I am looking for information about web forms and web usability 680 16.11.2001 Here’s some information about webforms and web usability: Links: (including some downloads) Books (available in libraries): Heslop, Brent : HTML publishing on the Internet for Windows Nielsen, Jakob : Designing Web usability Tyler, Denise : Macromedia Flash 5
How do I renew online? 434 25.10.2001 You can renew your loans twice online. Go to our home page… and choose "loans". Then you have to give your customer identification code (your library card) and password in order to sign on (if yo don't have a password yet, you will get it from any library in Turku City Library). Now you can renew your loans by selecting the loans you want to renew and clicking on "renew selected loans". The renewed loans are placed at the end of the list.
I want to know the definition of "Model Helsinki" for public libraries. 563 22.10.2001 Purpose of Helsinki City Library The Helsinki City Library provides a fundamental civic service available to everyone. As a part of the worldwide network of libraries, we offer customers unrestricted access to sources of culture and information. On an interactive basis, we develop the library services Helsinki residents need so that they can be active members of society and enjoy life more fully. On an interactive basis, we develop the library services Helsinki residents need so that they can be active members of society and enjoy life more fully. The Helsinki City Library acts as the Central Library for public libraries. We also serve as a multilingual library. Library network consists of the main library, 30 branch libraries, a number of…
Can you please send me the total height of the Tuomiokirkko? 482 19.10.2001 The height of the central tower of Tuomiokirkko is 71 meters. The church is called also Suurkirkko or Nikolain kirkko. You can find the height of the tower in Internet at page…
Looking for finlans current events in english 736 15.10.2001 You can use this www-link: There you may use especially Helsingin Sanomat(main finnish newspaper)Internationally edition.
Greetings! I live in the United States. My family has always believed that our ancestors originated from Italy. Come to find out, we are from Finland! I have… 666 08.10.2001 The address of every person living officially in Finland is available in Population Register Centre (Väestörekisterikeskus) The telephone number is 0600 0 1000 and a call costs 9,95 mk/min + local call charge. The mailing address of Population register centre is Kellosilta 4 PL 7 00520 HELSINKI It might be that your family name was originally Jaakola or Jaakkola. In order to find your ancestors you can contact The Genealogical Society of Finland Liisankatu 16 A FIN-00170 Helsinki Finland Telephone +358-9-278 1188 Fax +358-9-278 1199 E-mail
What is the 27th Amendment to the US Constitution. 758 01.10.2001 The 27th Amendment is: "No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened."
How would I go about obtain a copy of the following article: AUTHOR: Simberloff, D. ARTICLE: "The sick science of ecology: symptoms, diagnosis, and… 110 29.09.2001 That artice was published in the following journal: Eidema : an international journal of adaptive strategies of field biologists / University of Helsinki, Department of Zoology So probably the Helsinki University Library can help you. Their website with contact information can be found at
My Cardiologist, Dr. Karpenos of Westport, CT, USA prescribed Benecol powder to reduce chlorestol. He said to check the finnish web to find a source, He… 550 25.09.2001 Benecol international Internet address is There is information about Benecol, eating well, chlorestol and your healt. There you can also contact Benecol for your comments and questions