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How could I find by certain topic or keyword all books and other releases from your library. I couldn´t find your search system. Thank you! 428 02.12.2002 You will find our bibliographic database directly at or through our home page ( ) by clicking "Books & other materials". Start by choosing the city where you usually use public libraries. This will lead you to the "Basic search". If you are looking for material about a certain topic, choose "Subject heading or class" and type your search word. Unfortunately the subject headings should be written in Finnish, because our bibliographic records are in Finnish. If you have any basic knowledge of Finnish (or a Finnish dictionary!) you can check the correct terms at . In the title search you can also use search words in English (use the…
Can I have a list music CDs in Helsinki main (or other in other libraries as well) which are related with Cuban (Cuba) music? In which library and where in… 1117 02.12.2002 You will find our bibliographic database at . Go to the "Basic search" . Choose "Subject heading or class" and type "Kuuba" as search word. In the menu "Display All kinds of items" choose "Only CDs". Search. (Unfortunately you have to use subject headings in Finnish, because our bibliographic records are in Finnish. If you choose title search you can also type Cuba# in English - note the truncation mark - but in that case you will get less references and not all of them are necessarily relevant.) In the database you will also see the availability of the CDs in different libraries. The largest music collections in general are at Pasila Music Station, Töölö, Itäkeskus and Kallio libraries.
I am to start my masters in health care and quality management at the university of helsinki in january 2003 and was wondering if you can help me with part… 94 21.11.2002 I recommend you go to the webpages of the Ministry of Labour, Finland, . On the frontpage you'll find a link to "Employment service". This is a good way to start. When you already are in Finland, you can also browse newspapers and read the college bulletinboard. Another useful address is, a portal of public services, maintained by Finnish government offices. This is not necessarily for job seeking, but contains other useful information on Finnish society.
I would like to know something about the traditional finnish knitting patterns, how do they look like etc. Thank you very much 238 11.11.2002 In the address you'll find three examples of Finnish traditional sweaters. Especially Jussin paita and Revontulipusero (Northern lights sweater) are very popular in Finland. Jussinpaita was designed according to a medieval pattern. The original colours are burgundy and grey, but also blue and grey are popular. Revontulipusero is of Swedish origin, but became popular in Finland in 1950's and is regarded as a traditional design. In the address you'll find more pictures of traditonal patterns. In a book, called "Kalevalaneuleet" by Marja Ulvo & Elise Rajamäki, 2001, ISBN 951-20-5834-0 you'll find pictures and instructions of knitwear with…
I plan to buy a home in Finland. I want to be about halfway between nort and south and a little east. How would you go about this research online through any… 93 08.11.2002 Referring to Your inquiry about buying a home in Finland. There aren’t very many places where you can find information in English how to buy a home in Finland. You could have a look at a guide - Are you planning to move to Finland? This guide is for you who are living abroad and are planning to migrate to Finland. You can find it in this address: You can find several links how to find and buy a home in Finland. Unfortunately all of the links are either Finnish or in Swedish. You can find these links in this address: This here address leads you to several links about various house agents here in Finland: You can…
What was the cost and source of funding for the Seinäjoki city library? 445 14.10.2002 In Finland the libraries are funded by tax revenues. So the source of funding for the library was partly state aid and partly it was paid by the city of Seinäjoki. The library building was finished in 1965 and the cost was then 1 041 145,86 Finnish marks. It would be about 9 001 222,20 Finnish marks in the value of mark in 2001. If we change it in to euros it would be about 1 514 000 euros. As you can see the cost of the building was very low. Nowadays the cost of building a library would be twice as much.
How many books does the Seinäjoki city library hold? 450 12.10.2002 Our collection includes 252 487 volumes of which 209 004 are books.
What is the total square footage of the Seinäjoki city library? 439 12.10.2002 The total floor area of the library is 1600 m2 and the cubic capasity is 6700 m3.
Please could you tell me how I could obtain a list of the "top 20" best selling books in Finland for Fiction and/or Non-Fiction. I have searched everywhere,… 88 10.09.2002 Here are some useful adresses - unfortunately the sites are in Finninsh language: This list is based on the information of all bookshops in Finland: On the left you can see syyskuu 2002. There are the "toptens" of August. Some translations: suomalainen kaunokirjallisuus = Finnish fiction, käännetty kaunokirjalisuus = translated fiction, tietokirjat = nonfiction and this is the list of the biggest bookshop in Helsinki For more information please contact The Booksellers Association of Finland
Where can I find a list of publishers of children's books that are located in Texas? 662 14.08.2002 Hello, Here are some links that might help you. Children`s Book Council`s webpage has an online member list, but only one of the publishers (the first one) is located in Texas has a list of publishers webpages, but you have to check each link separately to find out the location. Children`s book publishers in United States: Click e.g Gryphon House Books and you can choose a state and find stores located in Texas Book Publishers of Texas has a membership directory
Can you please tell me whether you have some Moomin stories in Czech as well? e.g. Mooominland midwinter or Moominpappa's memoirs Thanx 997 13.08.2002 The following Tove Jansson’s Moomin books are available in Czech: Nevitelné díte a jiné príbehy; Pozde v listopadu; Carovná zima; Kometa; Bláznivé Léto; Tatínek píse pameti. You can check their availability status from the following address:
I need electronic copy of few pages of finnish magazines. Could you advise me library which can provide this service for me. Thank you in advance, 120 29.07.2002 Unfortunately we do not have magazines in electronic format. However, you can check the following web address to see whether the magazines you are looking for are available in any of the Helsinki City libraries: In case you find the magazine you are looking for, you can visit the library in question and photocopy the pages you are interested in. In case you are living in another country, you should contact your local library and ask if they can make an interlibrary request for the articles you are looking for.
Can you tell me what kind of books that story about virtual librarian? 527 25.07.2002 I didn't quite understand the question but if you are interested in books that tell about virtual libraries and their development in general you might want to check books conserning library science (called "kirjastotiede" in finnish). For example these books tell about the subject: - Borgman, Christine L.: From Gutenberg to the Global Information Infrastructure. 2000. - Laverna M. Saunders (ed.): The Evolving Virtual Library. 1999. - William Y. Arms: Digital Libraries. 2000. Virtuaalikirjasto, finnish virtual library, can be found in the Internet . There is also some general information about virtual libraries (see "Help" and "General instructions"). Other virtual libraries can be…
Were there any photographs published in the newspapers of the 41 Members of the 1952 British Olympic team parading at the Olympic Stadium last Friday night … 106 25.07.2002 Thank you for your interesting question. Unfortunately we have no resourses to answer your question here at the Helsinki City Library, but advise you to contact Suomen Urheilukirjasto (Finnish Sports Library) in Helsinki. The Library spesializes in serving customers who are interested in sports and especially in the Olympic games. In the library there is an archive of 21 000 pictures or photographs. Their services include scanning photographs and e-mailing them to your address. They charge for their services. The address of the library is Suomen Urheilukirjasto Olympiastadion 00250 Helsinki Finland Telephone: +358 9434 22 521 Fax: +358 9434 22 550 E-mail: The library is open mon, tue, wed and fri 11-a.m. - 5 p.…
I´m bookmarks colltionis and if you can help , to send me bookmarks , because I want to have my international collection , or to put in contact with a person… 415 23.07.2002 You could try the URL's_page.htm . If you are especially looking for Finnish bookmarks, try a Google search ( ) using the word "keräily" or "keräilijät". There are quite a few pages with different collectors' items, but so far I have not found any Finnish pages concentrating on collecting bookmarks.
DEAR SIR, i have a request for u, i wanna know about finlands village named juuka (jennso)so if u have any web site link for juuka or have any book online … 657 19.07.2002 Hello! Juuka Commune has its own webpage. Unfortunately there is only finnish version of it. I can translate you some of the basic facts. Juuka is located in North-Karelia Finland onshore Lake Pielinen. Nearest cities are Nurmes, Lieksa ja Joensuu. Acreage of Juuka Commune is 1846 square kilometers of which 325 square kilometers is water. Shoreline is 438 kilometres. Population of the village is 3200. "Juuka" means small lake with a river runing through it. Public services is the biggest employer 48,7%, process industries 29,5%, agriculture and forestry 18,4%. Some language learning links:…
How can I find address and telephone of a person I need? 5141 09.07.2002 The address of every person living officially in Finland is available in Väestörekisterikeskus (Population Register Centre) The telephone number is 0600 0 1000 (only in Finland) The mailing address of Population register centre is Kellosilta 4 PL 7 00520 HELSINKI URL: Address service,
Voitteko yst. lähettää minulle kolmen eestiläisen pääyliopiston (Tarton yliopisto kärjessä)sähköpostiosoitteet luennoitsija tarjousta varten. 110 20.06.2002 Viron yliopistoista ja muista tieteellisistä organisaatioista on koottu yhteystiedot sivulle , sivusto on sekä viron- että englanninkielinen.
Can u give the information about the "researchers dig into hell" which they heard a sound from hell. can you give me the information. Thank you. There's an… 678 19.06.2002 Hello there! Because you know so exactly the name of the article you can give us little bit more information where you have heard about it. I searched with Internet search services and some other sources - no result. If I may say my opinion this "article" is more like a short story or novel than research or fact. Kind of a horror story If I may guess. So we here in the library try to search it from fiction shelves. Little bit extra information from your side couldn't do any harm. With regards Librarian
I am looking for the journal "Anarkhiia" (a.k.a. "Anarhia," "Anarchia" or "Anarkhia") publsihed in Moscow/Petrograd after the Russian revolution. Could you… 834 18.06.2002 Search on the union database of the academic libraries of Finland gives several matches with the search word ”anarhia” (transliterated according to ISO 9), but none of them would seem to be the journal you are looking for. For more information, please contact the department of Russian and Slavic materials of Helsinki University, called Slavonic Library (e-mail , www-address ). On the telephone they told that they don’t have any old journal called Anarhia that would date from the period of the Russian Revolution of 1917. They do have two issues of Anarhia published in 1990-91 by anarcho-syndicalists in Petrograd.