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I would like to rent a small place to organize some events for my private students, such as a reading club, a film projection, a debate. I am private freelance… 814 18.8.2014 Helmet libraries offer you group work rooms, meeting rooms and class rooms. These rooms and libraries that have these rooms you can see page Libraries and services
Where can I find information relating to the requirements to becomming employed as a librarian in Helsinki? Do I need a Masters in Library Research? 953 18.8.2014 There are requirements based on the Finnish Library decree. You can find that at…, Section 4. In nutshell, 70 per cent of the personnel should have an education suitable for the library. That’s why it’s quite hard to get a job at the library without that education, at least in Helsinki and other big cities. In addition, most of the libraries require that librarians speak Finnish, as it’s needed for customer service. See also Facts about Finnish libraries at….
I'd like to ask whether the newspaper "European Voice" is available at any library in Helsinki metropolitan area, either in paper format or through web access… 790 14.8.2014 The newspaper European Voice is not part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries (Helmet) collections. We have in use PressDisplay, which offers over 2,000 newspapers online, unfortunately European Voice is not included in the service.
I want to ask about reserving space at Kirjasto 10. Is there a time limit how long you can rent the meeting room and how do I make a reservation? 827 13.8.2014 You can book Library 10 Group Room in the same place where you can reserve computers. Max. time for reservation is 4 hours. Go to Helmet mainpage and choose "Book a computer" There you can find text “Book a computer or a workspace” Choose a library > Library 10. Select a page item “Show information”, so you can see that number 40 is Group Room and max. time for reservation is 4 hours. At Library 10 website click workspaces so you can see Group Room 40 and make reservation.
I'm a traveler from Taiwan, and I'm a librarian in the elementary school. I heard the library in Finland is very nice. I will go to Finland next week, I have … 925 21.7.2014 Since I don't know which library you are going to, I can't give you a specific answer. Many public libraries will let you take photographs, but to be on the safe side, ask the staff when you get there if photographing is alright.
Can I scan my document in the city library 585 2.7.2014 Hi Sulaymon, Yes, there is a scanner on the 3th floor in the main library (Vapaudenkatu 39-41). If you want to reserve it, the number is 014 266 4123. Welcome to scan!
I have recently found a large number of my childhood books, most of which are in japanese, english and some rarer ones are in Danish. There are also some very… 775 25.6.2014 You could give those books to Pasila Library in Helsinki. In Pasila Library, we have Multilingual Library with books in many languages not usually found in Finnish libraries. Without seeing the titles, I can’t say if those books were suitable for your collection. For more information about Pasila Library, please see at Of course, it’s possible to sell those books to second-hand bookshops, but this may take much time. Many of them aren’t very interested in that kind of books. Second-hand bookshops in Finland can be found at and
May I know how can i know the pin code of my Helmet card? i want to login to language course to learn finnish. additionally, is learning online free of charge… 809 24.6.2014 Provided you have given us your email address, you can access the password recovery function: In the case we do not have your email address, we shall change your PIN code at the service desk of any Helmet library. Please bring your ID with you.
Is it possible to rent equipment for video and photo shooting? 720 4.6.2014 There are some video cameras in Helmet libraries you can borrow. Here you can find the libraries:… Also from Finnish borrowing service Kuinoma you can rent and borrow goods for a cheap price from the private market. You find Kuinoma and cameras here: Here are some information about Kuinoma in English:
I have read the article about 3d printer at Tapiola library ( so thinking of visiting there soon. Is there any more information about the… 794 3.6.2014 The opening hours of the Tapiola library during the summer are from 8 am to 8 pm. As 3D printing in libraries is still on experimental stage, there are no fees. If you wish to know more about the service, you can call Tapiola library, number is 050 4289392.
I am looking for library good practices in area of providing adult fiction reviews outside of Slovenia. So I am writing to ask you for some more information… 807 6.5.2014 We have a major project in this area, which was started a few years ago and which has already gained an audience among readers. It is a site called Kirjasampo, . It is produced by public libraries. Kirjasampo includes information about fiction authors and their books, recencions on literature, new and older, and also advice how to find the books you are interested in at our public libraries. It is also possible for readers to write own reading recommendations in Kirjasampo. The books have been described with keywords and thus it it possible to search books about special themes and topics. Kirjasampo gathers also finnish literature blogs, . Unfortunately the site…
Can I get a bus pass at any library office? 791 25.4.2014 In Espoo, the Citizen Service Office is located in the Sello library and in some places it is quite near to a library, but libraries don't sell travel cards. You can search for local travel card sales points in HSL pages If you mean long distance tickets, those can be found from Matkahuolto's pages
So my youngest child has managed to lost one of my rented books, how can I "replace" the book and how does it work? Thank you. 705 17.4.2014 Hi! You can either pay the book in any of the HelMet-libraries or replace the book with a same book. From our user regulations: "Compensating for items and paying the fees You will have to compensate for lost or damaged material by paying a price which is charged according to the item’s value registered in the library’s database. If you wish to substitute a similar item for the material lost or damaged, you will have to settle each case separately with the library."
Is it possible to practice piano at a library in Vantaa? I have read something about this online, but I am not sure where to go. 1016 4.4.2014 Yes, it is possible in Tikkurila kirjasto (music & media). If you want to reserve practicing time for yourself, please call 09 8392 3583. Unfortunately this possibility is now mentioned only on the Finnish page… but we will make the same entries in the English version as soon as possible. Heikki Poroila HelMet-musiikkivarasto
What is the best book to learn Java for beginners? 763 3.4.2014 There are many Java manuals, and it’s hard to tell which of them is the best one. Here you have some new manuals that can be found in the HelMet and Helka collections: Absolute Java / Walter Savitch (Pearson, 2010) Java : how to program / Paul Deitel, Harvey Deitel (Prentice Hall, cop. 2012) Java and mac OS X / T Gene Davis (for Mac; Wiley Publishing, 2010) Java for everyone : late objects / Cay Horstmann (John Wiley & Sons, 2013) Java for programmers / Paul J. Deitel, Harvey M. Deitel (Prentice Hall, 2009) Java programming : from problem analysis to program design / D. S. Malik (Course technology, 2010)
What is the main cause for the Indian water crisis? 689 2.4.2014 Here you are a few websites about this serious problem and the main causes of it:…
Which king was called the sun king and when did he live? 922 1.4.2014 Louis XIV was called the Sun King (“le Roi-Soleil” in French). He was born in 1638 and died in 1715. For more information, please see the Wikipedia article at
What means ALIAS, in the resgistration steps ? 774 18.3.2014 In registration alias usually means some kind of nickname or alternative name. It can also mean something else, like in Yahoo email provider you can have an extension of your Yahoo account. Yahoo's alias masks your account's primary ID. Yahoo! help:
I forgot my pin code , and I cannot sign in to order books.. What should I do to get back my pin-code. 744 26.2.2014 You can get a new pin code here: Just write down your library card number, and you will get the new code to your email. If this doesn’t work, you can go to the library and show us your ID card or passport to get a new code.
Could you tell me where I can find some information and photos about Library boat in Finland? Thanks 1388 20.2.2014 From the website below you can find information about the only book boat in Finland. It is a library boat of Parainen (or Pargas in Swedish) in the Åboland archipelago in Western Finland:… There is also a little video about this book boat in Kirjastokaista (Library channel):…