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Excuse me, I wrote you but I think that I didn't ask so good the question. I just arrived in finland so I need to learn finnish. I know that in korso's library… 838 14.1.2013 Hello! There are no finnish courses at library. Maybe you mean at Lumo house? (Library is at same house.) There could be Vantaan aikuisopisto's courses. Ask more here: Opintoneuvoja Maija Mäenpää, puh. 09 8392 1243
I would like to begin to learn Finnish. Can you give me information about it, please? Thanks! 611 12.1.2013 From HelMet library you can find a lot of books, CDs and CD-ROMs on Finnish, just type in search field Finnish on -site. Also e.g. Adult Education Institute of Vantaa offers courses on Finnish, please look , or you can find Finnish courses on the Internet, . Enjoy yourself learning Finnish!
I heard about a possible language class you hold at the Jyväskylä city library? If so how do I get the information about this course? 830 5.1.2013 You can contact Jyväskylä Adult Education Center. It is situated in the same building with the library. Information point Tel. 014 26 64071, 014 26 64073
- I attended the IFLA conference in August and visited the Rikhardinkatu library where they had a fine collection of Artist's books - RikArt. I am trying to… 1122 19.12.2012 If you have had trouble accessing the page, it is because the website RikArt is under construction. It will be finilized in the beginning of next year. However, you can access it here:
I'm living in Espoo - close to Sello library. I'm working on a research about Finnish hunting history and habits, but I didn't find any English book in HelMet… 708 3.12.2012 Yes, there is a library related to hunting in Riihimäki. However, I'm not able to check their collection. I suggest that you contact them via e-mail or telephone. Here is the address and telephone of this museum and library (Suomen Metsästysmuseo): Tehtaankatu 23 A 11910 Riihimäki tel. (019) 722 294 fax (019) 719 378 e-mail
How are you? I'm pleased to know your city library because your library has a lot of wonderful qualities to be an excellent library. First of all, I'm not a… 930 29.11.2012 I am glad to hear that you are interested in Helsinki City Library. First of all, I wonder which page you were looking at to find the information you mentioned. Perhaps it was the home page of Helsinki City Library ( ) . This may sound a little complicated, but I will try to help you understand the points you mentioned. Helsinki City Library consists of the Main Library and 38 branch libraries. The Main library is situated in Pasila district about three kilometres from the city centre. It has the largest collections and also houses the administrative departments of whole Helsinki City Library. The branch libraries are situated in different areas all around the city. In addition to these, Helsinki City Library…
Dear Madame, Dear Sir, I have a question about Finish library statistics. I found the website with a lot of information. I was wondering if there… 950 20.11.2012 We have a public library statistics -database, but it does’nt include statistics about Internet access in libraries anymore. We had figures on our pages in the early 2000’s, but nowadays we do’nt give those figures anymore, because all public libraries have Internet access (this fact is stated ex.g. on the site of the Ministry of Education and Culture). We can somewhat safely conclude that atleast almost all if not all public libraries provide internet access and computers for their customers. Ministry of Education and Culture The question about WiFi-connections is more difficult. We do'nt have a listing made by libraries. On a service available in the Net…
I am writing a paper on Holocaust autobiographies, and was wondering if you could provide me with a list of autobiographies written by Jews of Russian descent… 669 14.11.2012 Here below are some books which hopefully are useful for you. Unfortunately I can not Russian, so I can't say no more of the books. Source: Union Catalogue of Finnish University Libraries, Linda:… - The complete black book of Russian Jewry / [compiled by] Ilya Ehrenburg, Vasily Grossman ; translated and edited by David Patterson (2003) - Evrei v Vil’no : hronika 1941-1944 / Grigorij Šur (2000) - Strah i družba v našem totalitarnom prošlom / Vladimir Šlâpentoh (2003) - Evrei Samary na frontah Velikoj Otečestvevennoj / [Sost. B. E. Volovel’skaâ i C. N. Segal’] (2002) - Mihoèls : žizn’ i smert’ / M. Gejzer (1998) - Ty dolžna èto vse zabyt’... / Lena…
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a student of library and information science at the HTWK, Germany and need to find information about the Lööw special… 1577 31.10.2012 Lööw-classification is a joint tool in the Northern Sami bibliography at Sami bibliographies in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. It was developed by the Norwegian librarian Anders Lööw for the joint Saami search. Hope we'll get it in near future in internet. See here:
I have made a reservation and my book has arrived. Can I borrow the book without paying the reservation fee at that point? I mean, can I pay the reservation… 843 30.10.2012 Yes, you can pay the reservation fee later, if your overall fees do not exceed 8 euros.
I am a member of the library. My library card is getting expired on 14-Dec-2012. How do I renew my library card. What is procedure. 9479 22.10.2012 It’s very easy to renew your library card. Just go to your local HelMet Library, and take your ID card or passport with you. There you can ask the library staff to renew your card by showing your library card and ID card or passport. If you have a Finnish social security number (“henkilötunnus”), they can add it to your library card, and after that there is no need to renew the card. If you don’t that number, you will have to renew your card in the future, too. You can find all the HelMet Libraries and the contact information at Welcome to renew your card!
Is it possible to borrow an audio recorder from your library? Do you have this service? I need it for my thesis research. 861 22.10.2012 Hey! Unfortunately this kind of service is not available in the library.
My english not good and I will try to tell. There is a my homework. It is reference resources in religion studies. Can you help me. which most populer… 1447 16.10.2012 Here are some books about world religions. I hope they will be of use to you. - World religions : a historical approach / S. A. Nigosian (2008) - World religions : the illustrated guide / general editor: Michael D. Coogan (2003) - Britannica encyclopedia of world religions / [consulting editor Wendy Doniger] (2006) There is also a packege of information on the website of BBC:
I'm an Italian collector of historical stats on cross country skiing and I'm looking for standings (more comprehensive than possible) of these Finnish races: -… 6246 16.10.2012 The statistic were found in sport magazines (in the Library of Sports) and Hiihtäjä -book. Library of Sports, . 15 km, 1972 Kuopio 1. Juha Mieto, Kurikan Ryhti 43,02 2. Juhani Repo, Iisalmen Visa 44,27 3. Osmo Karjalainen, Kuusamon Erä-Veikot 44,34 4. Reijo Hämäläinen, Tohmajärven Urheilijat 44,40 5. Martti I. Määttä, Kuhmon Kiva 45,13 6. Kalevi Laurila, Tampereen Poliisi-Urheilijat 45,18 7. Raimo Lehtinen, Oulujoen Kiekko 45,21 8. Heikki Koirikivi, Pyhäjärven Pohti 45,34 9. Risto Jokimies, Miehikkälän Vilkas 45,35 10. Timo Peteri, Sieppijärven Sisu 45,41 11. Aimo Isometsä, Alatornion Pirkat 45,47 Mikko Vuorimaa, IF Länken 45,47 13. Ossi Kuntola, Jurvan Urheilijat 45,49 14. Väinö Huhtala…
You have changed the format of your site recently,so I am not able to renew the books I borrowed.Instruct me how I can do it online.Your new site is useless to… 9907 11.10.2012 Sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the new HelMet. We are going to develop it further. You can renew your loans so: Login through HelMet web library The Login-link is top and in the middle of the website. You need your library card number and pin-code. Now you can see your loans. There is a renew-link in the left side of the loan. Choose the loans you are going to renew and click Renew selected loans -link. Answer "Yes" to the question "The following item(s) will be renewed, would you like to proceed?" Now you can see the new due date of your loans.
Dear Sir or Madam, I started to study portuguese a few weeks ago. Now Iam looking for simple reading books, like the Little Prince in portuguese. Which of you… 667 9.10.2012 Pasila Library has the largest collection of books in Portugese.
I would like some articles and information about how language policy impacts library services in Finland with regards to the Swedish-speaking minority. How… 918 25.9.2012 There is an article in a newest library magazine Bibban: - Library services for Swedish-speaking Finns (Bibban, 2, 2012) And an other one in Scandinavian public library quarterly, but it is already quite old: - Swedish library matters in Finland / Rosenqvist, Kerstin (Scandinavian public library quarterly, 1991, 4. s. 29-31) Maybe you should contact Susanne Allroth (Regional State Administrative Agencies):
I'm a librarian and here our field called "Library and Information Sciences" I wanna know what do you call the field especially in universities of Finland… 1095 7.9.2012 At the moment you can be qualified as an librarian in Finland both in some universities and in some unversities of applied sciences. In the University of Tampere the programme is called Information Studies and Interactive Media: In the University of Oulu the programme is called Information Studies:… In Seinäjoki, Turku and Oulu Universities of Applied Sciences the programme is called Programme in Library and Information Services:……
How many libraries in Finland focus on health sciences, medicine, nursing, or allied health subjects? What are their names? 781 5.9.2012 Via A guide to the Scientific Libraries in Finland ( you can find 23 libraries focused on medicine, 6 libraries focused on nursing and 2 libraries focused on health sciences. Of course there could be same libraries in several lists. And some of the libraries are also focused on some other fields too. You can find the names of the libraries here:${MAXPAGE}=21&${APPL}=kirjastoten&${BASE}=kirjastoten&${HTML}=list&${THWIDS}=0.16/1346847016_10517&${HILITE}=0&${MAXHITS}=1000&${SAVEHTML}=/kirjastot/en/……
Good evening, where can i find the statistics about helsinki library ? i have search Q&A and find a web site "Finnish Public Libraries Statistics", which… 779 27.8.2012 You can find statistics about Helsinki city library so: > search statistics > Area selection > Municipality (Helsinki) > > Statistics selection > Loans or Personnel. Or you can find them from Yearly reports: We don’t have volunteers working in our libraries. Playing games by the library computers is usually allowable. Eating or drinking at the same time is not forbidden. It takes one to three days for a reserved book to go to an another Helmet library (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa or Kauniainen city library).