Can we request that printed books be made available in eBook form? If so, how?


Can we request that printed books be made available in eBook form? If so, how?



In an ideal world this would be a fine possibility, but in the real world it is just the publisher, who can decide to offer an e-book version to the general market or just the libraries. The copyright legislation does not allow the libraries to purchase rights to e-books as it allows buying and lending out the printed material.

In Finland the publishers do not necessarily want the lbrary system to provide free access to e-books, which can be sold directly to consumers. That is why the selection to libraries is not the same as to individual consumers.

In the end it is the question of money. The publishers sell e-book rights to libraries, if they are willing and able to pay high enough prices. The market of e-books in Finland has not grown like the publishers have wanted. It is hard to guess, if something is happening in the near future. However, the legislation gives all power to the publishers. They decide the titles available. And of course they use their resources only if they believe they get the money back from selling the rights to use an e-book title.

So if one wants an e-book, the right address to ask for it is the publisher of the printed book.

Heikki Poroila

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