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Covid-19 epidemic may cause restrictions to library services. Please check local websites for details.

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Useful information and interesting facts about Finnish libraries can be found at this site, gathered under themes that are the building blocks of Finnish public libraries: functioning society, digitality and promotion of reading.

Public libraries

Finnish public library is one of the most advanced and admired in the world.

Functioning society

Functional society

The library plays a strong role for all in society as an open, free-of-charge, low-threshold service.



In Finnish libraries, you can improve your digital literacy and digital expertise.

Reading promotion

Promotion of reading, multiliteracy and various methods of reading - for all age groups - are core areas of Finnish library.

Library Channel

Videos about literature, authors, libraries and their services, and also training videos, seminars and lectures. 

Multilingual Library

People living anywhere in Finland can access literature, music, movies, magazines etc. in their native language. 

Returned library books handled with rubber gloves
Photo: Maarit Hohteri / City of Helsinki

Covid-19 and Finnish public libraries

Overview and timeline of Covid-19 response in Finnish public libraries, including first experiences of restarting physical services. Read more