Nordic Libraries Annual 2021 - Libraries Creating Strong Societies 3.-4.11.2021

The theme of the web conference Nordic Libraries Annual 2021, arranged by the Finnish Regional State Administrative Agency 3.-4.11.2021, is Libraries Creating Strong Societies. 

The starting point of the Nordic model of society has been to respond equally to the basic needs of citizens by promoting and strengthening welfare, inclusiveness and the social economy. 

Public libraries have a social responsibility, which is recognised by library laws and strategic documents in the Nordic countries. The task of libraries is to ensure citizens’ equal access to knowledge, education, culture and new citizenship skills. The activities should support inclusiveness, community and opportunities for making an impact, in order to strengthen social cohesion and the readiness of citizens to assume social responsibility. 

However, in the 2020s society seems to be increasingly polarised and democracy is no longer as self-evident as it was some time ago. The limits of freedom of speech are being challenged, and the responsibilities closely tied with freedom are even knowingly set aside. This seems to also apply to respectful discourse. Can democracy in general be developed without stepping into the shoes of others, and without a common space for coming together? 

During this online conference, we focus on the foundations of the libraries’ mission: Promoting democracy, freedom of expression, active citizenship and lifelong learning. We want to provide background, inspiration and foresight for the important societal missions of libraries. 

Libraries have a societal responsibility. Libraries build stronger societies! 

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The language of the conference is English. 
Participation in the conference is free of charge. 

The programme for Nordic Libraries Annual 2021: Libraries Creating Strong Societies 
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