Collections and other information

Metasearch – Books and other materials from almost all the Finnish libraries. – Material of Finnish archives, libraries and museums.
eLibrary – Public library e-resources.
Doria – Multi-institutional repository maintained by National Library of Finland.
Digi  – National Libraries Digital Collection.
Melinda – Union Catalogue of Finnish Libraries. Melinda is a national metadata reserve, which collects the descriptive metadata of library materials.

Sources about Finland

Elki – Library of Parliament. ELKI subject gateway provides a selection of key online sources of legal, social and political and parliamentary information.
Finlex  – Finlex Data Bank. Finlex is an online database of up-to-date legislative and other judicial information of Finland.
Statistics Finland – Statistics Finland combines collected data with its own expertise to produce statistics and information services.  – provides access point to public services in Finland.
NLS – National Land Survey of Finland. The National Land Survey provides maps for different purposes.
Name service – First names and surnames registered in the Population Information System of Finland.

Finnish Literature

SKS – Finnish Literature Society.
Finnish Literature in translation – Contains references to information on Finnish, Swedish, and Sami fiction and non-fiction translations.
FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange promotes the publication of Finnish literature in translation around the world.
Books from Finland – Journal about Finnish literature and culture (1967-2015).

Classification and ontologies

Web-PLC WebPLC is the webversion of the Finnish Public Libraries Classification System.
Finnish thesaurus and ontology service.
YSO – General Finnish Ontology.