E-library project aims to build a one-stop e-library 

The e-library project has ended at the end of 2023. The National Library of Finland is now a parent organisation of Finnish e-library.

Contact person:

Head of Services
Annastiina Louhisalmi
annastiina.louhisalmi@helsinki.fi, +358504417072
The National Library of Finland
Library Network Services / E-library
P.O. Box 15 (Unioninkatu 36)
00014 University of Helsinki


Photo: Suvi-Tuuli Kankaanpää

The e-library project will implement a shared e-library for all Finnish municipalities and public libraries. 
Finnish people love their libraries, and one of the essential duties of libraries is to offer stories, knowledge and experiences to all people, equally. The new e-library provides all Finnish people with an equal opportunity to use the digital contents of libraries. 
The new e-library facilitates customers’ user experience and the work of libraries. At the moment, the e-material collections of libraries are spread out across several different platforms that are difficult to use and the access to which depends on the customer’s home municipality. 
In the project, a new organisation is planned with the library field, a new licence model is negotiated and created with the holders of the copyrights to the materials and a platform through which the e-library will be used in the future is developed. 
The aim is to open the joint e-library to customers in 2024.The first stage of the project aims to include e-books, electronic audio books and e-magazines in the selection of the joint e-library. The technology will be planned so that other materials can, if necessary, be added later on. 
The project has its roots in the digital media project that ended in 2021 and the summary and investigation recommendations of which can be reviewed in Finnish at kirjastot.fi/digimediahanke. The e-library project promotes measures recommended in the digital media project. 
The e-library project will last for about two years, from 1 September 2021 to 31 December 2023. Project funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture has been confirmed until 31 December 2022.