Bringing environmental awareness of public libraries to the 2020s project’s materials now in English

Bringing environmental awareness of public libraries to the 2020s project took a thorough look into environmental impact of Finnish public libraries and the SDG work done in libraries. One of the aims was to define the meaning of sustainable development in the framework of libraries. The project also aimed to find out from which elements is the environmental impact of libraries built up.

The project started with a survey that mapped the environmental awareness of libraries. 166 libraries replied to the survey. In addition to the awareness survey to public libraries, there was an additional survey aimed at library staff, which was focusing on environmental values.

At the same time of the surveys, the project carried out carbon footprint measurements in 13 libraries across the country. The carbon footprint measurements were carried out in public libraries of different sizes and in different parts of Finland. In addition to carbon footprint, the project also analysed the libraries’ carbon handprint, which is a measurement for a positive climate impact.

The findings of the project are published in the project report in Finnish, and the summary is now available in English. The project also produced a set of illustrative info graphs in English. You can also find more information about the project, the full report in Finnish, and summaries and info graphs also in Swedish on the Green Library website.