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I have so much books in my language “sinhala” . I’m from Sri Lanka. How can I donate my books 3 20.9.2023 Please contact to Multilingual Library Contact info: Email: Customer service: 09 3108 5402…
I live in Korso, Vantaa. Does anyone want good used (mostly) novels in English? Soft- and hardback. 5 11.9.2023 The Lumo library in Korso has a book recycling point in the Lumo building's lobby. The instructions are as follows: "Recycling point for books brought in by customers. Bring up to five books at a time. You can take as many as you like." There is also a book recycling point in the lobby of the Korso shopping centre (the one with the S-Market, a flower shop and others). In addition to these, the capital area recycling centres often take books.   Contact information: Lumo Library Capital area recycling centre (Kierrätyskeskus)
My family has recently arrived in Finland and we do not yet have personal identification numbers. The library registration form asks for this number - is it… 5 4.9.2023 If you do not have finnish personal identification number your library card will be valid for one year.
Error when placing a reservation on a book. Only today. Last week the function was fine. Varaa Toiminto estetty. Ole hyvä ja ota yhteyttä kirjaston… 16 5.5.2023 I recommend giving feedback about this situation via Helmet Libraries feedback.  
I used to live in the Helsinki area but in 2020, I moved to North Karelia. However, I kept my Helsinki library card in order to access ebooks and audiobooks,… 61 23.2.2022 E-books don't show in your reading history since the e-book services are not fully integrated to Helmet database. They will however keep you library card active, so there is no reason to worry about your card being cancelled. Logging into your Helmet account will keep your card active also.
Can I get a library card even though I don´t have a finnish personal number? 167 24.1.2022 You can get a library card if you have an address in Finland. Without Finnish personal identity number your card is valid for twelve months at a time. To receive your card take a valid photo ID with you when you visit a library. Libraries in Helmet-area accept the following ID cards: I.D. cards from EU countries passports Finnish driving licences Finnish SII cards with photos, for those under 18 years also without photos  resident cards issued by any reception centre in Finland residence permit card issued by the Finnish Immigration Service.
Do you have CD players or DVD players available to borrow so that we may enjoy the CD audio books and some movies that you have in stock at the library? Also,… 263 17.11.2021 Hello! Unfortunately we don't have CD players or DVD players that you can check out to use at home etc. But for example there are DVD drives at the Helsinki Central Library Oodi and Pasila libraries in Helsinki that you can use in the library premises.  Unfortunately we don't have puzzles in the Helmet library collection at the moment. But we do have many different types of board games in the collection that you can check out with the Helmet library card. The collection covers all the public libraries in Helsinki City Area: Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa libraries. You can try for example Puzzle Battle board game where your goal is to be the first to complete the puzzle. You can find more board games from making a…
I need games that help me to study Suomi language, like 'missä, mistä, mihin' or any game like this, how can I find them in the library?or request them from… 75 19.10.2021 There is a few board games in Helmet Libraries which help you to study Finnish. For example: Suupaltti : lautapeli suomen opiskelijoille / pelin suunnittelu Krista Keisu & Hanna Paloneva ; ulkoasu ja kuvitus Matti Mitroshin Suomen mestarin sanapeli : sanastoa kasvattava korttipeli kielenopiskelun tueksi
Is it possible now to print documents in any library? 56 8.4.2021 Hi! I am sorry but it's not possible in Vantaa libraries during covid -19. If you print official papers you can do it in Vantaa info….       
I would like to know about trips of " Sir Muhammad Zafarullah Khan" ( President of the UN General Assembly 1962-1965 ) to Finland from 1912 - 1980. 107 18.1.2021 I found only one article called "The Reminiscences of Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan", in which at least one trip to Finland was mentioned. Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan visited Finland in 1913, and he went through all the lakes up to the north. He also shot rapids in Ulea river (Oulu-joki in Finnish). The link to the article is available here: There is also this website but with the quick browsing I didn't find any mention of trips to Finland. 
What is the origin of the surname Moilanen? What is the meaning of the name? Thank you for your answer. 108 15.9.2020 The origin of surname Moilanen is the first name Samuel. Moilanen is usual name today in Kainuu in Finland. Source: Pirjo Mikkonen, Sirkka Paikkala: Sukunimet, Otava 1992
I used to have a helmet card, but I can't find it anymore. How can I renew it? 55 7.5.2020 Unfortunately it is not possible to send any customer info via e-mail or phone due to confidentiality and privacy reasons.  You can obtain a temporary customer id for the access to e-library by sending a request to the address Temporary customer id is valid until 31 May, 2020. Online courses and e-books for example contain some language learning material. You can get a new permanent card from library customer service when libraries are fully open again in June. There is more information about the current situation on Helmet website.   
I would like to have the statistics on 'How much Finnish people read?' how much they read books, how much they buy, how often they use library? in whole… 226 23.8.2019 You can see the statistics about lending and library use on website:  In 2017, 77% of >10 year old Finns read at least one book in a 6 month period. More statistics about that in the Statistics Finland website (in finnish): Yle has written an article in english about the above statistics: Book sales in 2017 was 549 million euros. Source: Statistics Finland    
I am looking for a book in english about the finnish plant. Any help would be appreciated. 339 11.8.2017 Hello! These ones you can find from Helmet-libraries……
How do I learn more about finding work in a library? I am a U.S. citizen with the desire to spend about 1 year in Finland. I have a Master's degree in… 566 6.2.2017 To find a job in a library in Finland would be easiest if you contact bigger Libraries directly and ask about the opportunities, these would perhaps be Helsinki City Library, Tampere City Library, Turku City Library or Oulu City Library (situated in different cities in Finland) of public libraries or scientific libraries, National Library perhaps as the first. You can find contact information to all Finnish libraries in the Library Directory, . It is also possible to put an add into our service, . If you need help in filling the form, which is in Finnish, you can send mail to General information about working in Finland can be found here…
Dear Librarian, I am Latha from Vantaa. Is there any sewing classes are going on around in any of the city libraries in Vantaa, Espoo or Helsinki. If so, let… 600 30.11.2016 There isn't any sewing classes at the moment in the Helmet libraries (Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries). Any library customer can reserve and use the sewing machines freely and there is also some guidance available in the libraries. Of course you can suggest sewing classes to libraries and offer your help. There is sewing machines in libraries under the following web address: . Clicking the library name will bring you to the page where you'll find the contact information of the library.
I need a book about (Type 1 diabetes) for children in English that I can read it to my diabetic child. I wanted it with colourful pictures and in a simple way… 264 30.11.2016 Unfortunately there isn't children's books about diabetes in english in Helmet libraries (Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries): children's books about the subject are available only in finnish and swedish. The search on the database of The Finnish Institute for Children’s Literature didn't bring results either. There seem to be a few books you are looking for in international online stores. There is also three free self made books about diabetes under the following site:
I would like to get info on the karaoke booth at Tikkurilan. I would like to know what it looks like - if you can be seen from other patrons when you sing, and… 309 19.8.2016 Karaoke is sung in a soundproof room, that was originaly used as a listening room. Other customers can't see inside. The room fits about 20 customers and you can come to sing alone or with your friends. We have organised a karaoke clubs for younger patrons with library staff supervising. So far it seems that karaoke service is very popular, with many new patrons coming to the music department. Unfortunately I don't have exact statistic at the moment. We'll be making those available later. At the moment it is not possible to record your singing. It has been however requested by several customers and recording possibility will be available later. The cost of the service depends on the selection of songs. Currently we have a selection of…
Is it possible to practice piano at a library in Vantaa? I have read something about this online, but I am not sure where to go. 1130 4.4.2014 Yes, it is possible in Tikkurila kirjasto (music & media). If you want to reserve practicing time for yourself, please call 09 8392 3583. Unfortunately this possibility is now mentioned only on the Finnish page… but we will make the same entries in the English version as soon as possible. Heikki Poroila HelMet-musiikkivarasto
I was just wondering if it would be possible to volunteer at a library? If so, what sort of duties would I be doing? 1059 11.2.2014 First of all: if one cannot speak Finnish moderately well, there are quite few jobs at the library available. The customers have the right to get service on their own language. There are some duties, where the fluent Finnish is not so necessary - like putting the returned books back to shelves and other technical jobs -, but the main question is, if the library really needs that kind of help. I would say, that many public libraries do not necessarily want volunteered people, unless they have some kind of experience with the library material or with customer services. But in the end everything depends on the local circumstances and the thoughts of the chief librarian. You just got to visit one of them to know, if working in the library…