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Hello, I am from South Korea, and I am studying about Finland's Mobile library. Please, help me ! : D

Q. What is the meaning of stara and skidi in Finland? In the website 'Hetmet(in Finland)', they said they run a mobile library divided into stara and skidi. What is the difference between the two mobile libraries?
Q. In the website 'Finnish Public Libraries Statistics', There's a loan amount for the mobile library. Is that the number of books in the entire mobile library in Finland? Or is it the total amount of loans people borrow from the mobile library?
Q. Then, How many books does one mobile library have?
Q. Are there other programs in the mobile library? (Like activity or play that reads books to children.
Q. Which site should I go to search for materials to invest in the mobile library?

Please, give me a reply.. Thank you !!!



Stara and Skidi are both children's mobile libraries in Helsinki, so there is no difference between them in content. The names, Stara and Skidi, are Helsinki slang. Stara means an old person in Helsinki slang (Stara was formerly known as a mobile library mostly for adults.) Skidi is a slang word for a child (formely Skidi was for children). In Finland, mobile libraries usually have names, they are not considered just as vehicles :) 

In the website 'Finnish Public Libraries Statistics' a loan amount for the mobile library means the amount of loans that people have borrowed. 

One mobile library can carry approximately 3500 books (it depends on how full mobile libraries are packed).

Mobile libraries have also story times and other activities and events, just like normal libraries.

There is a site where you can find information about Finnish libraries in general. There is also a site for mobile libraries, but that is only in finnish

Ministry of Education has published 2016 a bulletin that has some facts about mobile libraries too.

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