Help! I am from South Korea and I am studying about Finland's mobile library. I want to know something. Q. How many Finnish people use the mobile library for a…


Help! I am from South Korea and I am studying about Finland's mobile library.
I want to know something.

Q. How many Finnish people use the mobile library for a year in 2019? (you said only Helsinki, but I wanna know whole people in Finland. I searched website you sent, but I can't find it.)
Q. Do Finnish people know 'Mobile library'? Then, How can they know that? In Korea, Lots of people doesn't know whether there are mobile library. Does Finland advertise about mobile library or Do they participate in the library?
Q. Does Finland's mobile library operate everyday except on holiday and vacation? Even in the evening?
Q. How many, How many days can they borrow books? Is there a different way to borrow book?
Q. On average, how many employees are on one bus?
Q. On average, How many stops are they going to a day?
Q. Do they usually go to school and childhood? What do you do there?

Is it too many questions? I am so sorry.. : (
Thank you so much, and I hope to get a reply.



1. Loans from mobile libraries 6 229 346 year 2019,
We can't individualize persons who use mobile libraries, because the library card is use in all the service points of the library in the city or municipality, for example if you have a library card to Helmet (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen city libraries), you can use it in every service point of the city libraries in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen including mobile libraries.

2. In Finland we have had a mobile library system for so long, that people see it as a normal part of the library. We have also long distancies in almost every other part of the country than the south, in many parts of Finland, the mobile service can be the only way to reach library services.

3. and 6. Mobile libraries are a part of the library system in the municipality, so that every municipality have own policies and opening hours for the mobile library. They do operate in evenings and also day time, the routes vary. Mobile library goes also to schools and kindergardens, to lend books and for instance tell about library services or to read books ex.g. fairytales.

4. About borrowing books, see nr 1. The way to borrow is the same. How many books you can borrow depends of the library rules in the municipality. If the mobile library in the municipality operates each day, you can borrow books every day, as long as the amount of borrowed book does not surpass the maximum number, for ex. in Helsinki city library 100 borrowed items max.,… 

5. In one mobile library on the route can be one person (who drives the bus and lends books), or also two is possible. 

6. Mobile library stops in the year 2019 were 9 799. I couldn't find information about how many stops there are on a route in average. You could ask the editor of these mobile libraries pages,, her address is

You can find mobile libraries and their schedules here, It is possible however that not every library has included opening hours and routes of their mobile services here. 

Usually at least a part of mobile services do not operate in the summer, so that it is possible that you can't find all routes on the webpages of libraries in the summertime.

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