How can I make good presentations and what resources can help me achieve that?


How can I make good presentations and what resources can help me achieve that?


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Here are books about presentation skills in work and business. All of these are to be found in HelMet libraries.

Walker, T. J.
How to give a pretty good presentation : a speaking survival guide for the rest of us

Bradbury, Andrew
Successful presentation skills

Navarro, Joe
Louder than words : take your career from average to exceptional with the hidden power of nonverbal intelligence

Gallo, Carmine
The presentation secrets of Steve Jobs : how to be insanely great in front of any audience

Hall, Richard
Brilliant presentations : what the best presenters know, do and say

Arnold, Jackie
Speaking on special occasions

Speechmaker's bible
Rev. and updated / by Nick Marshallsay and Jane Moseley

Jay, Antony
Effective presentation : how to create and deliver a winning presentation

Greene, Don
Performance success : performing your best under pressure

Collins, John
Perfect presentations : a self-development programme : the essential guide to thinking and working smarter

Louise, Bostock
Collins pocket reference speaking in public

Click the link and you'll find a list of handbooks for academic writing:*fin/X?SEARCH=tutkimusraportit&searchsc…

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