Info is a professional library service and a web library that provides access to Finnish Library Net Services under one user interface. is produced in cooperation by Finnish libraries. Content services, information delivery and technical development of electronic services designed for different target groups are at the core of our activities and the portal serves as a starting point especially for users seeking information about libraries, culture and information services. The unit is, together with the National Library of Finland, helping public libraries rationalize production of their web services. Our goal is to strengthen the competitive position of libraries on the web also through communications and marketing. is both a development unit and editorial staff for the trilingual website: the Finnish, Swedish and English language sites are portals with access to resources on literature, information retrieval, music and libraries. is also a platform offering interactive web services, library television and radio as well as a news service for the use of library professionals.

  • – in Finnish, is the most comprehensive version;
  • – is, as far as possible, equivalent to the Finnish version but particularly geared to meeting the needs of Swedish Finns and Nordic users;
  • – the English version is a shorter one and serves mainly as an introduction to the Finnish Library Services and to finding information about Finland.

Producers and maintenance is produced by Helsinki City Library (the Central Library for Public Libraries in Finland) and is financed by the Ministry of Education. editors are in charge of editing and developing the site and the services.

Libraries participate in the maintenance of the services:

  • by maintaining a database that includes basic information of public libraries
  • by participating in the Ask a Librarian reference service
  • by cataloguing new links in the Link Library (only in Finnish and Swedish)
  • by sending information of training and education, jobs and public library events in to the Bulletin Board.
  • by participating in the discussion forums.

The first Front Page of the Public Libraries was published in 1995.

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