Study on Finnish public’s opinions on the copyright system

The Centre for Cultural Policy Research, Cupore, published a fact booklet of their study on Finnish public’s opinions on the copyright system. The booklet is also available in English.

The study aimed to find out how well the concept of copyright is understood, how common is the authorised and unauthorised use of online contents, how common is the use of existing works for follow-on creation, and what opinions and attitudes there are towards copyright and to what extent is the system considered acceptable. 

The study found that although there are critical opinions about copyright issues, clear majority of Finns considered the copyright system necessary and legitimate. Although the Finnish people consider their knowledge on copyright issues generally good, the study revealed that sometimes people find it relatively difficult to understand what type of use is allowed and what is not in online environments.

You can read the fact booklet in English or you can read the full report in Finnish on Cupore’s website.