Mikkeli Regional Library launches a new type of mobile library service

Mikkeli Regional Library launches a new service that brings the library professionals and collections out of the library into other premises. The new mobile library service is not a traditional book bus, but a service on wheels that brings the library services, for example in pop-up form, to areas where the local branch library has lately been closed down. Compared with a traditional bus-sized bookmobile, the vehicle itself is smaller whilst the service concept is more targeted.

In addition to organising pop-up libraries, the new mobile library service provides book bags, book talks, storytelling hours, and literary art workshops especially to schools and kindergartens. There are 2061 students in 115 school classes and 20 kindergartens in the service area of the new mobile library. 

Although there is a strong focus on services to schools and kindergartens, the mobile library visits also other locations and cooperates with other organisations as well as participates in events. In adults’ library services, there is a special focus on senior citizens.

You can read more about Mikkeli Regional Library’s new mobile library service in Finnish on the Mikkeli library’s website or read the original news in Finnish on the Yle website.