Helsinki City Library’s new mobile library for children invites to adventure

In Helsinki, children’s brand new mobile library ‘Stoori’ starts on its route in November replacing the earlier mobile library Stara. The new mobile library has modifiable interior to make it more suitable for diverse use, such as events and workshops for children. The vehicle has solar panels on the rooftop to supply energy to the on-board electronic devices. The new bookmobile is also more accessible, as it has a lift for users with wheelchairs. The artwork on the bus is made by an artist Riku Ounaslehto, and it is inspired by children’s literature and Helsinki’s nature. The colourful interior, designed by Pablo Riquelme, draws also its inspiration from stories and imaginary worlds and it is created to spark children’s imagination. 

Mobile libraries in Helsinki bring library services on weekday mornings to places where children and families are such as day care centres, schools, and play parks. The evening routes tour around neighbourhoods, which do not have a branch library of their own. They can also be spotted at various events around the city.

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