Survey: Finns satisfied with municipal services

The Association of Finnish Municipalities (Kuntaliitto) published a survey on citizens’ satisfaction with municipal services. 11 000 citizens took part in the survey and the results show that people were generally very satisfied with public services produced by the municipalities. The levels of satisfaction were at the same record high level as in 2017.

According to the survey, people who most used the municipal services where most satisfied with the quality of the services. Critical attitude toward public services were more common among groups using municipal services less. All municipal services evaluated in the survey received higher satisfaction level than dissatisfaction. Especially high scores were received by the library, waste disposal, recycle, health centre, and sports services.

Specifically library services were ranked high in the survey in all categories and libraries were the 5th most used municipal service after waste disposal, recycle, and health services. 79 % of the respondents thought that library services were well arranged and maintained in their municipality, and 75 % assessed the library services are well accessible and available.

You can read the press release on the Association of Finnish Municipalities website in Finnish. You can also read the full report in Finnish in PDF form.