Is the brand HAIMI or the designer Yrjo Kukkapuro famous for furniture in Finland?


Is the brand HAIMI or the designer Yrjo Kukkapuro famous for furniture in Finland?


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Yrjö Kukkapuro is one of Finnish classics in furniture design. The book Scandinavian Modern Design 1880-1980 (New York, Harry N. Abrams, 1982, p. 151) says about him: "Nurmesniemi's high-polished steel and leather chairs and Yrjö Kukkapuro's bold swivel armchair made of metal and welded plastic turned Finnish furniture design toward a decisively international style." The book Finnish reflections (Finnish title Heijastuksia Suomesta, Helsinki, Kirjayhtymä, 1981, p. 86-88) presents Kukkapuro's armchairs in a large two-page colour photograph, with the text "Yrjö Kukkapuro is one of the best-known Finnish furniture designers; his creations have virtually achieved the status of classics. …"

Periodical articles in English:
Helkama, Iris: The designer and his team : Yrjö Kukkapuro - winner of the 1995 Kaj Franck desing prize IN Form-function-Finland, 1995, 4, s. 4-9
Enbom, Carla: Yrjö Kukkapuro : interior architect : construction and function (Classic makers) IN Form-function-Finland, 1995, 3, s.8-9

Internet pages in English about Kukkapuro:,,,

In there is a short history of Finnish design.

There is also an Internet page, which is under renovation at the moment.

I could find nothing about Haimi, though. In the 60s the company sold furniture designed by the most famous Finnish desingers. If you contact Avotakka (, the prominent Finnish interior decoration magazine, they surely can tell you where to find out more about Haimi.

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