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I want to know a country which has 4 seasons. 11064 28.10.2009 Countries in temperate zones of the southern and northern hemispheres have four seasons. For example Finland and all Scandinavian countries, as well as other European countries. Generally in temperate and polar regions those seasons are recognized as spring, summer, autumn and winter. Wikipedia article Discussion on the subject in Yahoo! Answears -service
Mistä saa perukirja-lomakkeen (Netin kautta)? 71091 7.11.2000 Tässä muutama Internetistä löytyvä perukirjamalli ja -lomake. Suomen lakioppaan malli (rtf) Helsingin Perunkirjoitustoimiston malli (html) Lisää tietoa ja malleja: Esimerkiksi seuraavissa kirjoissa annetaan neuvoja perunkirjoitusta varten: Puronen, Pertti: Näin teet perukirjan itse, 1999 ja Aarnio, Aulis: Perunkirjoitusopas, 1997. Lisäksi kirjakaupat, Jämsänkoskella Rusetti, myyvät perukirjalomakkeita. Seuraavissa asiakirjamallikirjoissa on hyvät esimerkit: Asiakirjamallit, Petri Järvensivu - Jussi Kalliala - Pekka Kolppanen - Kalle Kyläkallio - Mari Lampenius - Heikki Uotila. Alma Talent 2018 (up) ja…
I'm living in Kuopio and I would like to learn Finnish language, pls let me know where I can find the course class in Kuopio. 1275 14.12.2009 You can get information on Finnish courses in Kuopio on the following web pages:… (here you can also find links to online courses) (Kuopio Community College) Kuopio City Library also offers a wide range of Finnish language courses. You're welcome to have a look!
Do you have a national chat-service in the library in Finland? 2399 20.11.2008 We are planning a national library chat-service, but it has'nt been published yet. At present we have only local services in Finland.
I'm a student engineer, looking for drawings of transportation devices by Leonardo da Vinci ; do you know where I could find them? Thank you by advance! 630 1.4.2004 Try these sites on the Internet for Leonardo's drawings:… and and Instituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza at We also have a cd-rom called "Leonardo the inventor" in the public libraries that might interest you.
Can you help me find an antiquarian bookstore in Finland which specializes in astronomy? I am looking for a copy of the 1952 book AVARUUDEN VALLOITUS, by Willy… 140 28.2.2002 I hope these websites will help you find the book you are looking for.
Do you have knitting lessons or classes as a library service 67 6.5.2019 Occasionally we have knitting guidance in libraries. In the autumn and winter, many libraries (Entresse, Kauklahti; Soukka and Sello) have handicraft clubs. You could be asking for guidance at Sello's handicraft shop.*&es=5/6/2019 You could also try the Workers' Institut courses.
Is Pulla often pronounced Bulla? 67 20.3.2019 If you mean the Finnish word pulla (‘bun,  coffeebread’), I think it can be pronounced as ‘bulla’ only if you have a flu or rarely in some Finnish dialects. According to Kielitoimiston sanakirja, the Finnish word bulla means also ‘papal bull’ -
Last year one person told me that some library (or may be all) can provide service with checking a documents (for example job application, that what I need) in… 62 11.3.2019 You can ask if Forms assistant services can help you. Or you can leave The Loan to the Librarian -service for a help request. Choose  library and "Tiedonhaku: vaativa aineistohaku, tietokannat, kirjallisuus, musiikki, internet-tiedonlähteet"
Where does the last name "Leija" come from? Is it from Finland? 1267 13.12.2000 Word "leija" is a Finnish word indeed. In English it is translated as "a kite". The noun "leija" comes from the verb "leijata" or "leijua" (to flow). In the old or dialectal Finnish language "leija" can also mean "a bridal veil". Leija is not a very much used word as a surname but surely it can be used. In the telephone catalogue of Helsinki there is only one person with the family name Leija. Leija can also be used in compound family names such as Leijavuori (a rough translation: Kite Mountain). There is no record of Leija as a first name.
I'm a student in tampere and want to borrow ebook from helmet. But I don't have a library card. Can i order one and get it by posti? Thank you so much Phuong, 333 11.12.2017 Hello, Unfortunately you cannot get a Helmet library card by post. You have to visit a Helmet library to get a card. Here is an excerpt from the user regulations: "You can get a personal library card, the right to borrow and a PIN code at any Helmet library or mobile library. You will get the library card when you state your address and present a valid ID card with a photograph and personal identity number accepted by the library. To be able to receive a library card you need an address in Finland. The first library card is free of charge. If you do not have a Finnish personal identity number, your library card is valid for twelve months at a time." You will find more information here:…
I would like to ask if it is possible to reserve a book if now it is not in the library, so as when it comes back I could be sure to get it. Thank you! 480 5.9.2017 You can reserve material either at the library or in Your record at To make a request Yourself You need to have a PIN code. You will receive a notice concerning reservations ready for picking up by a letter or email, or by ordering a text message subject to a charge. If You don't have yet a personal Helmet library card, You can get at any Helmet library or mobile library…
Do you know any activities/animations for or with people with mental or psychic disability happening in librairies in Finland? Do you know anything to raise… 427 12.4.2017 There are some projects that have studied this topic exactely. One was in Pori, for personlig who have suffered psychic problems and alcoholism, contact Asko Hursti, on this matterää, here some information, but it is in Finnish. Another one in Lapland, Kittilä, about disabled and elderly people, contact,, for disabled in Middle Finland Vesanto,, contact These both focus on hearing, reading and activities. In Mikkeli the scope is on digital skills for people with problems in mental health http://hankkeet.…
I am Latha here. I am looking for any suitable temporary library paid job (any hourly basis during this summer holidays or later also) in nearby any libraries… 382 25.5.2016 Hi! In Vantaa there is a site for open temporary and regular jobs: In Espoo the site is: and in Helsinki: I hope you can find some job as soon as possible!
Why the Kirjasto 10 called 10? 662 11.8.2015 Library 10 is located at Postitalo, which used to be the main post office of Helsinki. The building is not anymore owned by Posti but it still contains a post office on its ground floor. The post office has been commonly known as "Helsinki 10" because the postal code for city center of Helsinki is 00100. Library 10 is located on upper floor of "Helsinki 10". That’s why the name "Library 10" was chosen.
Dear Madame, Dear Sir, I have a question about Finish library statistics. I found the website with a lot of information. I was wondering if there… 940 20.11.2012 We have a public library statistics -database, but it does’nt include statistics about Internet access in libraries anymore. We had figures on our pages in the early 2000’s, but nowadays we do’nt give those figures anymore, because all public libraries have Internet access (this fact is stated ex.g. on the site of the Ministry of Education and Culture). We can somewhat safely conclude that atleast almost all if not all public libraries provide internet access and computers for their customers. Ministry of Education and Culture The question about WiFi-connections is more difficult. We do'nt have a listing made by libraries. On a service available in the Net…
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a student of library and information science at the HTWK, Germany and need to find information about the Lööw special… 1574 31.10.2012 Lööw-classification is a joint tool in the Northern Sami bibliography at Sami bibliographies in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia. It was developed by the Norwegian librarian Anders Lööw for the joint Saami search. Hope we'll get it in near future in internet. See here:
My english not good and I will try to tell. There is a my homework. It is reference resources in religion studies. Can you help me. which most populer… 1441 16.10.2012 Here are some books about world religions. I hope they will be of use to you. - World religions : a historical approach / S. A. Nigosian (2008) - World religions : the illustrated guide / general editor: Michael D. Coogan (2003) - Britannica encyclopedia of world religions / [consulting editor Wendy Doniger] (2006) There is also a packege of information on the website of BBC:
I,m looking for words to a children,s siong about a shepherd boy and his birch bark horn 893 26.3.2012 A song called "Paimenen laulu" (or Paimenlaulu = A shepherd's song) was translated and published by composer P.J.Hannikainen at the beginning of 1900's. It is said to be composed by A. Klauwell (though it might as well be a folk tune). The complete Finnish lyrics are available at Wikisource page Sheet music can be found for example in the songbook "Suuri toivelaulukirja 10". There are no Englis lyrics for this song, but a rough translation would go like this: 1. I am a young shepherd, happy as a bird. All day long I play on my birch bark horn. 2. When the cattle bells are ringin, and birds are singing too. I like to answer them on my birch bark horn. 3. When the evening comes, I…
In the book Courage: The life and and execution of Arndt Pekurinen what is the first name of the corporal who agrees to execute him for treason? 725 27.2.2012 In Erno Paasilinna's book, the name of Pekurinen's executioner is Otto Asiainen. Corporal Asiainen was a 21-year-old carpenter from Lestijärvi. He agreed to shoot Pekurinen after the first candidates to carry out the task, sergeant Joonas Kivelä and private Kaarlo Kinnunen had declined captain Pentti Valkonen's request.