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Pakistan has four seasons spring, Autumn, Winter and summer. 17.08.2019
Pakistan has 4 seasons 16.07.2019
yes 08.07.2019
Hi librarians, I’m an international student at Aalto University. One of my dream jobs after graduation is to become a… 04.07.2019
Looks like Kuopio Community College has norwegian in their program… 02.07.2019
Hello I want to learn Norwegian while living in Kuopio. Please suggest any institute for it 02.07.2019
It was very helpful 06.06.2019
I have heard that Syria is beautiful at this time of year. They also have have cheap package deals. 20.05.2019
What is "the Workers' Institute"? 10.05.2019
Iran is a four-season country . if you travel to Iran right now (or any other time)you can find snow and cold whether ,… 27.04.2019
I will be there after mine west usa tours. 24.04.2019
How does the various brokers mentioned on the list compare, and which one can be said to be the best? https://musicalbuzz.… 11.04.2019
Finnish pronunciation does not make any great difference between b and p (in fact, b does not exist in the language), so p… 22.03.2019
there is a book out in Finland called" Leija" is it obtainable, in book shops? 20.03.2019
Pakistan 22.02.2019
Which countries have 4 seasons? 23.01.2019
This site is not useful 12.01.2019
Iran has four seasons, and also it has four seasons at the same time in each part, for example in summer the east of Iran is… 05.09.2018
I'm trying to find record of a foreign exchange student from Helsinki. She was in Bellevue, Ohio, USA in 1985-1986. Can you… 30.08.2018
I got all of the necessary ideas through this informative post that actually great and updates resources. thanks for sharing… 24.05.2018