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Need information on construction industry in Finland under following headings. structure of industry. types of contract. methods of obtaining tenders… 468 16.10.2000 I'll give you two internet addresses where you'll find information on construction industry in Finland. On those sites you can also contact directly associations in question. The first one is Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries and the second is Finnish Association of Construction Product Industries .
I am from India . I have seen many Indian Music CDs in Libraries here. Still I want some other good India film music CDs which are not available in libraries… 276 13.10.2000 Yes libraries are happy to receive requests for possible acquisitions (for CDs or any other material). You can make these requests in several ways. First there are special acquisition request forms in libraries that you can fill out and return either to a special box recerved for these requests or directly to library personnel. Second you can, of course, go to a library and make a verbal acquisition request. Finally you can contact libraries by e-mail and make your request in that way. Please note that it is important that you specify your request as well as possible. Also in your case the request is best to direct to a library with a music department. In Helsinki the Itäkeskus library's music department specializes in film music so…
I am working on an extended essay for my high school and would like to base it on the Finnish revolution (where it was freed from Russia). I am also… 641 10.10.2000 I recommend these web sites for you: In English: History of Finland This site is part of Virtual Finland, which is produced by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. A Web History of Finland by Pasi Kuoppamäki In Finnish: Suomi 80 : Itsenäistymisen vuodet 1917-1918 This site is maintained by Department of History at University of Tampere Suomen historian kronologia Vuoden 1918 sota These two sites above are part of the Project Agricola, which is produced by Finnish universities, archives, societies, museums and…
Which library in Espoo or Helsinki I can get ISO 8583:87,93 standards? 186 9.10.2000 In this case I would recommend You to ask about the standard at Helsinki University Library, Main Library, entrance Unioninkatu 26, Telephone Service 358-9-191 23196, Information Retrieval, tel. 09-191 22740, e-mail , opening hours Mon - Fri 9 - 20, Sat 9 - 16. You can also get information on this task of Finnish Standards Association SFS, , Information Service, e-mail:
What does Helsinki mean? 1339 24.5.1999 The oldest form of the name Helsinki is Heelsingha. It's thought that it means the oldest population living on riverside of Vantaa River. They were swedish-speaking and were coming from Hälsningland. Later Helsinki was the name of Helsinki parish, foregoer of Vantaa city.
I am looking for a friend of mine. She attended Indiana University, Indiana USA 2 years ago. She lives in Helsinki and attends Sibelius Academy. Do you… 889 19.2.1999 Vaestorekisterikeskus (Population Registry Centre) can possibly help you in locating your friend. The address is: Kellosilta 4 00520 Helsinki PL 7, 00520 Helsinki Web-address: You may try to find her email-address on web-pages of Sibelius Academy: