Why the Kirjasto 10 called 10?


Why the Kirjasto 10 called 10?


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Library 10 is located at Postitalo, which used to be the main post office of Helsinki. The building is not anymore owned by Posti but it still contains a post office on its ground floor. The post office has been commonly known as "Helsinki 10" because the postal code for city center of Helsinki is 00100. Library 10 is located on upper floor of "Helsinki 10". That’s why the name "Library 10" was chosen.

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The first postal codes in Finland were introduced in Helsinki in mid-1960s. The city center post office became "Helsinki 10", Kruununhaka was "Helsinki 13", and Käpylä district, for instance, "Helsinki 60".
In the 1970s, a five-digit postal code was added to all addresses in the country: "00100 Helsinki 10", "00130 Helsinki 13", "96100 Rovaniemi 10", etc.

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