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I would like to know if i can find any books related to Physics and maths in english for using as reference materials for entrance examinations like TTK etc? 747 27.5.2009 Click Advanced search on the first page of HelMet database To find material in English use the link language. Type matematiikka oppikirjat. Type fysiikka oppikirjat Help for you
How do you evaluate a expression 644 14.11.2007 Thank you for your inquiry. There is a lot of webpages about evaluating expressions. You should try for example the following:
How can I get solved problems in numerical analysis in the topics 1 nonlinear systems 2 partial defriential equations 3 partial differential equation 847 27.12.2006 I suggest you study books on mathematics. For example the next ones deal with the subjects you mentioned. Stoer, Josef: Introduction to numerical analysis, New York : Springer-Verlag, 1980 Advances in numerical analysis Volume 1 : Nonlinear partial differential equations and dynamical systems / edited by Will Light Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1991 Pap, Endre: Partial differential equations through examples and exercises, Dordrecht : Boston : Kluwer Academic , cop. 1997 Gustafson, Karl E.: Introduction to partial differential equations and Hilbert space methods, Mineola : Dover, 1999 DiBenedetto, Emmanuele: Partial differential equations You can also search these terms in the Internet. Wikipedia e.g. gives these results: http://en.…