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Will there be ukulele class in Eastern Helsinki? 7 19.3.2024 At the moment there are no ukulele classes or ukulele groups in East Helsinki helmet-libraries. In Espoo libraries you can find ukulele groups at different levels:……  
Are there violins to practice or barrow in any of the metro region libraries? 9 13.3.2024 Unfortunately, no libraries in this area have violins in their collections.
How to book sewing machine place? 22 4.3.2024 In Espoo, you can reserve a sewing machine at You can also use the booking office in English You can log in with your library card and its pincode number. You can search with the word sewing machine and limit your search to, for example, the Tapiola library. When you click on the picture of the sewing machine, a window opens with a calendar at the bottom. You can choose the day and time you want. 
Where can i find the location that shows all available playstation and switch games? 18 22.1.2024 You can search console games in Helmet catalogue Use Advanced search and as keyword * and select as format console game. In the result list selection At the library shows You games which are at the moment available in some Helmet-library. By logging in with Your library card number and pin code You can make reservations to get games into Your nearest library.
What does it mean, "Laitoskirjastoja"? Is it a central library or it is a small library service point? Or something else? 37 11.12.2023 It is a small library service point. The link is an article translated into Russian from the Finnish Wikipedia about institutional libraries, that is laitoskirjastoista. The Helsinki City Library has a few institutional libraries, the books of which are mainly intended for use by the institution's customers, but others can also borrow from them. The second link tells about two institutional libraries in Helsinki.
I have a library card. I wanted to know, if the library of Helsinki also offers snowshoes and how I can find them in the catalogue? 43 17.11.2023 You find the snowshoes in Helmet catalogue if You make a search with the Finnish word "lumikengät". Then You refine the search result with "object" and You find that there are snowshoes available in several libraries. Lumikengät Snow shoes in Helmet Libraries
Is there any place for the citizens to borrow the books in addition to the public/school libraries? For example, Japan, is a bit complicated. Most of community… 33 7.9.2023 Many other libraries in Finland are also open for general public: National Library, University libraries, many special libraries (e.g Library of Parliament, Library of the Genealogical society in Finland - though only refence, Migration Institute of Finland etc.), so, no, it is not correct to say that people lend books only in public or school libraries, many use the services of other libraries too. In addition it is of course possible that you can borrow books in clubs and organisations you are a member of (e.g. student organisations). You can browse Finnish Libraries in our Library Directory.
How can I donate some to the Pasila library? 53 28.6.2023 Libraries, except Central Library Oodi, accept material donations according to their needs. Libraries reserve the right to further channel the donations e.g. to recycling shelves from where customers can take books for themselves. Feel free to contact the Pasila Library on the matter.  You find conctact information online at Pasila Library | Helmet
I'm interested in the chess club. I see its opening hours are 2-4pm on Mondays. Are there other opening hours? 219 5.12.2022 In Helsinki Central Library Oodi the chess club is only on Mondays2 - 4 PM.  In Lauttasaari Library there is a chess club on Wednesdays 5 - 8 PM. It is organized by Lauttasaari chess club and it is open to everyone. In Tapulikaupunki Library there will begin a chess club in the end of January 2023 on Wednesdays 5 - 7 PM.…
I didn't turn in my books on time. can i extend the reading time? 115 4.12.2022 If the book is borrowed from Helmet library, you can renew it 5 times. Renewal is not possible if the book is reserved or you have received another reminder about being late. You can contact one of the pearl libraries, and we will look into the matter.
I would like to donate books in a library. I know about recycling shelves, but I would like to give books directly to the libraries. 296 22.7.2022 You can contact a Helmet Russian library and offer books to them. 043 825 7993
My son took a library book to his school and now its missing. 166 21.3.2022 Contact your nearest library. Bring the library card that borrowed the book. The book can be replaced by paying the purchase price. You can also bring a new copy of the same book to the library. (You can renew a book five times if you still think it will be found.)
Is there any possibility to ask about job? I'm from other country, but I want to move to Finland. 194 20.12.2021 You can find information about working in Finland for example here:…   If you are interested particularly in library jobs, here's one earlier answer to question about library education:…
Dear Librarian, I thought that I picked up all the books that I ordered, but noticed that there is a one euro charge on my account, and it seems that I did not… 120 8.11.2021 To pay the fee online, go to At the bottom of the page, you will find Pay online. Click it, then login with your library card number and PIN code. Select the outstanding payment on the list and click Proceed to payment. Alternatively, you can pay the fee in your nearest Helmet library. If you do not pick up the reserved book in time, the reservation is cancelled and the book is returned to its place. You can check the book's current status at and make a new reservation.
So I accidentally spilled coffee on the table and hit the book I borrowed from the library. What do I do? 450 4.6.2021 Sounds like you have to replace the book. Each book has its own price and ranges from around 9 € to 450 €. Usually the price is around 25€. You can also replace the book with another similar one.
Multilingual military dictionary 134 3.6.2021 Is this the book you mean: Brassey's multilingual military dictionary = Brassey's dictionaire multilingue militaire = Brassey's diccionario militar (1987)?…  This book is in the collections of some Finnish libraries. You can ask the possibility to make an interlibrary loan from your own library.
Dear librarian,Where can I find the annual collections,other services and visit of each library? I know that we can find the statistical visits of Libraries in… 118 23.2.2021 You can find annual visits and collections statistics in Finnish Public Libraries Statistics Database
I am very interested in libraries in Espoo, Finland and curious about why your library is so charming. How will you train your library staff? 289 18.2.2021 Thanks for your positive feedback. I think the Espoo City Library is also a nice place to work.  The library in Espoo has a wide range of employees. Some of us are library professionals, some are youth instructors or teachers, some are other professionals who have popped into the library. We also have a lot of short-term employees: trainees, apprentices and men performing civilian service. We are constantly getting to know new people, ideas and ways of working. In addition organizes training for all librarians in Finland.  We have to tell us a lot about our work as we guide new employees. At the same time, we can evaluate our ways of working and try to improve working methods. The different departments of the library have…
I registered for a Helmet library card online on the 8th of February(Monday). I was wondering when I’ll have to go pick it up? 195 11.2.2021 You can pick up Your Helmet library card any time after You have made the pre-registration. Actually the pre-registration is not necessary, but You will get your library card quicker by filling the registration form beforehand. Take a valid ID card with you. You can pick up your library card from any Helmet library.…
I wanted to check what kind of items I could loan from the library, except for books? is there somewhere the list of those? kiitos! 172 22.1.2021 You can search the Helmet database for different types of items in the Helmet library collection. Go to and to Advanced Search. Direct link:… Choose the type of item from the drop-down menu Format. In Keyword, type * to display all items in the selected format or a more specific search term. Click Search.