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List of libraries 31
12.12.2017 You can find Finnish Libraries in the Finnish Library Directory, here
I'm a student in tampere and want to borrow ebook from helmet. But I don't have a library card. Can i order one and get it by posti? Thank you so much Phuong, 37
11.12.2017 Hello, Unfortunately you cannot get a Helmet library card by post. You have to visit a Helmet library to get a card. Here is an excerpt from the user regulations: "You can get a personal library card, the right to borrow and a PIN code at any Helmet library or mobile library. You will get the library card when you state your address and present a valid ID card with a photograph and personal identity number accepted by the library. To be able to receive a library card you need an address in Finland. The first library card is free of charge. If you do not have a Finnish personal identity number, your library card is valid for twelve months at a time." You will find more information here:…
I would like to ask if it is possible to reserve a book if now it is not in the library, so as when it comes back I could be sure to get it. Thank you! 212
5.9.2017 You can reserve material either at the library or in Your record at To make a request Yourself You need to have a PIN code. You will receive a notice concerning reservations ready for picking up by a letter or email, or by ordering a text message subject to a charge. If You don't have yet a personal Helmet library card, You can get at any Helmet library or mobile library…
Would there be a document on core competencies (competency index) for library/information professionals for Finland and/or European Union) - in English if… 105
24.8.2017 We have a new Public Libraries Act in Finland. In section 17 states about competence and leadership so: "(1) Public libraries shall have a sufficient number of qualified staff trained in library and information services and other staff. Staff members in expert positions shall have a suitable higher education degree, unless otherwise required by the nature of the position. (2) The director of municipal library services shall have a suitable Master’s degree, leadership skills and good familiarity with the duties and operations of libraries." Every country has the law of their own. Please ask about the competencies from the library…
Aloitin juuri työskentelyn Tallinnan suomalaisessa koulussa ja haluaisin tietää, olisiko esimerkiksi Helsingin kaupunginkirjastolta mahdollista saada… 65
16.8.2017 Kirjastokortin myöntämiseen tarvitaan Suomessa oleva osoite, joten valitettavasti ulkomailla asuvan ei ole mahdollista saada korttia ja oikeutta aineiston käyttöön. Kortti tarvitaan myös e-kirjojen lainaamiseen, eikä erillistä lisenssiä niitä varten ole. Alla olevasta linkistä tietoa Helmet-kirjastojen kirjastokortista:…
Do you know any activities/animations for or with people with mental or psychic disability happening in librairies in Finland? Do you know anything to raise… 92
12.4.2017 There are some projects that have studied this topic exactely. One was in Pori, for personlig who have suffered psychic problems and alcoholism, contact Asko Hursti, on this matterää, here some information, but it is in Finnish. Another one in Lapland, Kittilä, about disabled and elderly people, contact,, for disabled in Middle Finland Vesanto,, contact These both focus on hearing, reading and activities. In Mikkeli the scope is on digital skills for people with problems in mental health http://hankkeet.…
I wonder if you can tell me where I can hang a card / poster advertising a public lecture sponsored by my church. Where are the good old fashioned bulletin… 73
23.3.2017 In Sello library in Leppävaara we have a bulletin board for customers:
How do I learn more about finding work in a library? I am a U.S. citizen with the desire to spend about 1 year in Finland. I have a Master's degree in… 145
6.2.2017 To find a job in a library in Finland would be easiest if you contact bigger Libraries directly and ask about the opportunities, these would perhaps be Helsinki City Library, Tampere City Library, Turku City Library or Oulu City Library (situated in different cities in Finland) of public libraries or scientific libraries, National Library perhaps as the first. You can find contact information to all Finnish libraries in the Library Directory, . It is also possible to put an add into our service, . If you need help in filling the form, which is in Finnish, you can send mail to General information about working in Finland can be found here…
Could you, please, tell me what is the nearest bus-stop and 2 nearest libraries in Kamppi area? The scedule for the library bus is in Finnish. 145
24.1.2017 In Kamppi area the two nearest stops for the mobile libraries are Ruoholahti (Ruoholahdentori, Wednesday 7:30 PM - 8:00 PM) and Kruununhaka (Liisankatu 1, Tuesday 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM). The nearest libraries to Kamppi area are Library 10 (Elielinaukio 2 G, 00100 Helsinki, next to the Central railway station) and Töölö Library (Topeliuksenkatu 6, 00250 Helsinki).…
I would like to ask whether there is the book Bible in the main library of Joensuu? I want to borrow it if there is one. Kiitos paljon, 116
12.1.2017 Yes, there are some. You can see the situation from the website below:…
I'm very interested in working in one.of.your libraries. I have been a preschool teacher for many years. Currently I'm finishing my masters in school… 105
16.12.2016 Glad to hear that you are interested in librarywork. You can apply for unpaid internship. You can contact the regional library service manager. Entresse Library: Mikko Kaunisto 046 8773566 Iso Omenan Library: Juha Lilja 043 826 8746 Tapiola Library: Olli Louhimo 046 8772679 and Sello Library:Anu Miettinen 046 877 3414
Dear Sir, My friend asked me to return the books for her. Can I return the books at my nearest library (Rikhardinkadun kirjasto)? The book was borrowed from… 64
28.11.2016 Yes, You can. You can return the material borrowed from Helmet libraires to any HelMet library during its opening hours.…
Can I print out nordea bank statement? 102
8.11.2016 You can use a customer computer for printing in any Helmet-library. It is possible - but usually not necessary - to reserve a customer computer online. The reservation system also monitors logging in to the computer. Logging in requires a PIN code that will be checked in the library system.… If You don't have a library card, take Your ID-card with You. The staff provides guidance in using computers, as needed.
I had reserved a time at the paja to convert some film, but have to change times, and can not get through on the phone. What is the email and/or phone number… 66
25.8.2016 Please call (09) 816 57 607
I would like to the know the numbers of all Finnish libraries now. I checked the URL below, I understand there are 1099 libraries in Finland, is that right?… 139
29.7.2016 In 2015, according to the Ministry of Education and Culture, there was a public library in every municipality (301), and most of them also had branch libraries (450) and bookmobiles (140) (2015). However, in a long term, number of public libraries has decreased since 1960 from 4 007 libraries to 765 in 2015. Number of research libraries and special libraries can be found from the Research Library Statistics Database. Number of libraries depends on the level the numbers are calculated: administrative unit, main library and branch libraries are separated in statistics. Concerning university libraries, there are 18…
Finnish Libraries are using a software for their E services (like borrowing books online, finding a book in a library....) I want to know which software… 153
6.6.2016 In Helsinki City Library, we use Sierra by Innovative Interfaces ( It’s a commercial software. You can find more about the library systems used in Finland at Especially Koha ( is interesting as it is an open source software. Our E-book systems have been integrated to Sierra, but they use different commercial sites. They are OverDrive ( and Ellibs (
I'm wondering if there's printing possibilities in Helsinki Library 10 or Kallio available? If so, how much does it cost (A4, black & white)? Thanks in… 238
10.3.2016 It is possible to print in Library 10 and Kallio Library, as well as in all the HelMet Libraries. One page costs 40 cents. In the libraries, where there is the self service printing possibility, You can print five sheets in three months free-of-charge.…
I'd like to know whether the Finnish libraries have a central catalogue, open to everyone, to check in which Finnish library a book is to be found. Fot… 242
2.3.2016 You can localize materials in Finnish libraries using Frank Multisearch (see the link below). You can find library books and other materials from almost all the Finnish libraries that are open and also from several different databases simultaneously.
My name is Renan, I'm from Brazil, i'll start to study Library degree in 2016, my goal since 13 years is work or study in Finland or Nordic Countries, I… 241
21.2.2016 You can find very much information from the website of Finnish National Board of Education (Opetushalitus): Information about qualification requirements in libraries you can find here, but unfortunately just in Finnish and Swedish:
I am writing an academic article about public libraries and I need to send out my online questionnaires to Finnish public librarians. Who should I contact or… 355
8.1.2016 There are several possibilities where to send your online questionnaires, depending on the nature of your survey. You have to decide to whom you want to send your questionnaires. You could think about whether you would like to send the questionnaires for the library administration (library directors etc.) or individual librarians. It could also be useful to think which libraries you want to include. The provincial libraries are the libraries that are in charge of the public library service in their regions. In addition to them, there are several smaller libraries and branch libraries. Frank Metasearch -site includes a list of all Finnish public libraries and provincial libraries: After deciding which…