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I have tried, without success, to find a copy of piano sheet music for the Christmas song Tulkoon Joulu - could you please suggest how/where we might find or… 255 'Tulkoon joulu' is a beautiful song composed by Pekka Simojoki. It was first recorded in 1991 by a chorus called Braxen. The most famous and popular versions are by Petri Laaksonen (2006) and Suvi Teräsniska (2009). You can find 'Tulkoon joulu' in the free sheet music catalogue MuseScore.   Other sources:  
I went to the Seurassaren Joulupolku yesterday. There were straw bundles on the trees, and animal shapes made of straw on the ground. What are their names in… 3403 The bundle made of straw is called 'lyhde' or 'olkilyhde' in Finnish. It is traditionally for feeding birds in winter. For example in this website you can see a picture of olkilyhde: The animal shape is typically a billy coat and it is called 'olkipukki'. It is a traditional Finnish Christmas decoration and is still popular in many homes. Some information about traditional Finnish christmas for example in this website: Information about The Seurasaari Christmas Path (Joulupolku) in English you can see here: