I'm a student from Korea in Library of Information Science major. Now, I'm doing the research of CDRS, especially the status of CDRS of OECD countries, so I…


Hi! I'm a student from Korea in Library of Information Science major.
Now, I'm doing the research of CDRS, especially the status of CDRS of OECD countries, so I want to know some kinds of stastical things about your country's CDRS.
The CDRS question is below..
1. Service Name (ex.Ask a librarian)
2. Software Name(ex.Live Person, AOL Instant Messenger)
3. Service Type(ex.Real-Time Service or not)
4. Service Method(ex.Web-Form, E-mail, Chatting...)
5. Service Time(ex. 24/7, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)
6. Respond Time(ex.Real-Time, with in 3 days)
7. Respond Method(ex. e-mail, Telephone)
8. The number of Libraries in participating(ex.33 Public Libraries, 9 Reserch and specail Libraries)
9. Available Service Language(ex. English, Spainsh)
10. URL(ex.http://www.libraries.fi/en-GB/ask_librarian/)
If the reference material is available, let me know the bibliography.
Thanks for your help!


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In Finland we have a national Collaborative Digital Reference Service, which is the (1.) Ask a Librarian, situated in Libraries.fi, (10.) http://www.libraries.fi/ask_librarian . It functions in (9.) three languages, Finnish, Swedish and English, of which the two first are official languages in our country. Our (2.)software is a product specially made for our use upon a programme basis named Meteor. It is planned and produced in Finland by Sininen Meteoriitti, Blue Meteorite, http://www.meteoriitti.com/, in cooperation with an other Finnish firm Connexor, which is specialised in semantic web tools. (3.-4.-5.-6.-7.) Our service in an email-service, the questioner sends his question on a webform and gets the answer in to his email within three working days.
(8.) At present we have 48 public libraries and 18 special and university libraries answering the questions. The number is increasing steadily.
We have an open archive in our service, which means that the most part of the questions and their answers are stored for public use, http://www.libraries.fi/en-GB/ask_librarian/archive.aspx .
There is quite a lot information about our service in the archive, search with the keyword Ask a Librarian.
Aobut our policy, see http://www.libraries.fi/en-GB/ask_librarian/about/
There are also a few slideshows about our service here, http://www.libraries.fi/en-GB/library_branch/articles/
Helsinki city library has it's own digital reference service systems, the iGS (webform-email service) and a chat-service, which functions in collaboration with the other city libraries in the metropolitan area. You can find contact information here, http://www.lib.hel.fi/en-GB/kysy/
Also a few other libraries have an email digital reference service (ex.g. Tampere university library, Library of Parliament), see list (in Finnish, but you can find English information on most of the pages) http://www.kirjastot.fi/kirjastoala/verkkotietopalvelu/#suomalaisetkirj… .
The reference service Lapponica, which gives Northern information service Information on Lapland, The North Calotte and the Barents region is also a collaborative service, in which many libraries and museums in the Northern Finland and also in Sweden participate. They are available also trough the Ask a Librarian in Libraries.fi. If you are interested in asking them about their organization, you can send a question here, http://intro.rovaniemi.fi/Lapponica?formid=lapff&sesid=1225190452&ulang… .

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