How can i know the recent development in the libraries - i want to know what is the modern develpment in the libraries ?


how can i know the recent development in the libraries
- i want to know what is the modern develpment in the libraries ?


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It would be easier to answer your question if you could define it a little bit. What kind of libraries are you interested in – public, scientific, specialist etc.? Libraries where, all over the world? You sent your question to the Finnish Ask a librarian service, so I’ll give you some kind of an answer from a Finnish point of view. This might, however, not be anything near to what you would like to know. If so, please send us – or to some other similar service elsewhere - a new question.

First of all, you could check the following pages: There you will find lots of information about all libraries in Finland. If you click the link “Library branch” -> Articles and presentations -> The Scandinavian Public Library Quarterly you can read up-to-date articles about the present trends in Scandinavian libraries.

If you use the search term “trends in libraries” in Google you will find some very interesting and useful links, e.g.:…

On a very general level, here are some development trends that are going on in many libraries, probably everywhere in the world:
- library work is becoming more and more interactive with the clientele; customers can produce contents to web pages
- new media are being introduced
- the role of librarians as information specialists is being emphasized
- the number of physical visits in libraries is decreasing while the number of virtual visits increases
- library spaces are considered to be a form of service
- different libraries are becoming more distinctly profiled

There is a lot of other kind of development going on as well, but it is difficult to go into further details without knowing you real needs. Anyway, I hope this helps you a bit further.

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