Santa's birthplace and birth year


Santa's birthplace and birth year


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There are a lot of stories about Santa Claus´ history. It's known that there lived the bishop Nicolaus at the 300 century in Turkey who liked children and then Nicolaus´day 6.12. was the celebration day when kids got presents.

Joulupukki/Santa Claus as an old man with grey and long beard began his journey to Finland´s homes during 19th century. Finland´s radio declared Korvatunturi as the home of our Joulupukki in the year 1927. He lives there even today with his family although he himself also spends a lot of time here in Rovaniemi at the Santa Claus village:

In the old times (pagan times) Santa Claus was a different character from todays´s. He/she was more like an animal, a buck and called for nuuttipukki, as a shamanistic character with his colourful company.

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