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Good evening, can you tell me something about the organization of the adult's and childern' department of the Helsinki City Library? (how many staff, books,… 976 10.7.2009 The Helsinki City Library doesn’t have separate departments for adults and children on the organization-level of the whole library. We have 36 libraries and 2 mobile libraries (see, ), separate chlidren’s departments exist in the main library (Pasila) and our biggest branch libraries (Itäkeskus, Kallio, Rikhardinkatu, Töölö and Vuosisaari) and they are run on the library level. Also one of the book mobiles concentrates in children’s material and services. For further information, you can find contact information here,… . The amount of personnel working with children’s services is thus quite difficult to say. You can find…
I am trying to find a woman who came to the United States in 1974 as an exchange student for a year. She was from Helsinki. I know she was studying to be a… 701 11.12.2001 Public has got a staff search for Finnish public libraries The address of every person living officially in Finland is available in Population Register Centre (Väestörekisterikeskus) P.O. Box 7 (Kellosilta 4), 00521 Helsinki, Finland Tel. +358 9 229 161, Fax +358 9 2291 6795