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I'm a student in tampere and want to borrow ebook from helmet. But I don't have a library card. Can i order one and get it by posti? Thank you so much Phuong, 37
11.12.2017 Hello, Unfortunately you cannot get a Helmet library card by post. You have to visit a Helmet library to get a card. Here is an excerpt from the user regulations: "You can get a personal library card, the right to borrow and a PIN code at any Helmet library or mobile library. You will get the library card when you state your address and present a valid ID card with a photograph and personal identity number accepted by the library. To be able to receive a library card you need an address in Finland. The first library card is free of charge. If you do not have a Finnish personal identity number, your library card is valid for twelve months at a time." You will find more information here:…
I live in Singapore and would like to become a member of Finnish libraries. I am only interested in digital content and I find your web page design is superb!… 47
23.11.2017 I am sorry, but to be able to receive a library card in Finnish libraries you need an address in Finland. You can see for example the user regulations of Helmet-libraries here:…
Aloitin juuri työskentelyn Tallinnan suomalaisessa koulussa ja haluaisin tietää, olisiko esimerkiksi Helsingin kaupunginkirjastolta mahdollista saada… 65
16.8.2017 Kirjastokortin myöntämiseen tarvitaan Suomessa oleva osoite, joten valitettavasti ulkomailla asuvan ei ole mahdollista saada korttia ja oikeutta aineiston käyttöön. Kortti tarvitaan myös e-kirjojen lainaamiseen, eikä erillistä lisenssiä niitä varten ole. Alla olevasta linkistä tietoa Helmet-kirjastojen kirjastokortista:…
Why do our helmet accounts not work? I can send a screen shot if it helps but it says an authorization error occurred when I put my account number and pin… 132
24.2.2017 I asked colleagues, but we invented, what could be wrong. Would you go to your nearest library beads to investigate the matter? Take your library card and photo identification with you.
I have lost my Helmet library card. How can I get new one? Is there any possibility to apply online? Thanks, Mahesh 143
21.10.2016 Unfortunately you have to to apply for a new card in person some HelMet library. Please bring your photo ID.
I forgot my pin code , and I cannot sign in to order books.. What should I do to get back my pin-code. 554
26.2.2014 You can get a new pin code here: Just write down your library card number, and you will get the new code to your email. If this doesn’t work, you can go to the library and show us your ID card or passport to get a new code.
I am a member of the library. My library card is getting expired on 14-Dec-2012. How do I renew my library card. What is procedure. 9199
22.10.2012 It’s very easy to renew your library card. Just go to your local HelMet Library, and take your ID card or passport with you. There you can ask the library staff to renew your card by showing your library card and ID card or passport. If you have a Finnish social security number (“henkilötunnus”), they can add it to your library card, and after that there is no need to renew the card. If you don’t that number, you will have to renew your card in the future, too. You can find all the HelMet Libraries and the contact information at Welcome to renew your card!
I am a librarian in the netherlands in Veenendaal. My daughter comes 31 august for 4 month to Jyvaskyla university for her master. Can she get a membercard of… 810
20.8.2010 Hello, your daughter can get a library card of Jyväskylä City Library, when she has come in Finland and has an address. That means: she has a home here. Tell her also to take her passport with her to get the card. It does not cost anything. A library card is a personal card and it is given to anyone on application who can provide a proof of his/her identity and address in Finland. A library card can be applied for at any of the library’s branches and the same card can be used in all of the libraries in the City of Jyväskylä and in other Aalto Libraries. An applicant under the age of 15 must have a written consent from his/her guardian. Read more: Library in English…