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I have my library card. How do I reserve the book? 36 18.1.2023 1. You can reserve material through the Helmet portal. Find the book that you want to reserve by entering the search term in Search for Items, then click Request it. You are asked to log in by entering your library number and your PIN code. Once you have done that, you can choose the library where you want to pick up your book. You can make your choice from the drop-down menu presented. If you do not, the book will be sent to your default library. 2. Alternatively, you can phone any of the Helmet libraries and ask the staff to reserve the book for you. You will be asked for your library card number. You can find the library phone numbers under Libraries on the helmet.fi page. 3. If you want to reserve material that is available on…
I will leave Helsinki/Finland for 2 months from the next month. During that trip, I would like to bring some books but the maximum loan time is just 30 days… 52 20.5.2022 The loan period is fixed at 28 days for books, excluding Bestsellers which are 14 days. However, you can renew your loans online before they are due, thus extending the loan time another 28 days. You can renew your loans five times, provided no one else has reserved the books in question. Note that Bestsellers cannot be renewed online. To manage your loans, go to helmet.fi and choose LOGIN. Login with your library card number and PIN code. Choose the loans that you want to renew under Checkouts and click RENEW MARKED.  
I have just been notified that a book I have reserved has arrived at the library. I am going out of town, so I just cancelled it online. Is there anything else… 107 24.11.2021 If You cancelled Your reservation in HelMet online, that is all You need to do. In case You cancel Your reservation before the pick-up date, You don't have to pay the fee for the uncollected reservation. https://www.helmet.fi/en-US https://www.helmet.fi/en-US/Info/FAQ/Frequently_asked_questions_about_t…
Dear Librarian, I thought that I picked up all the books that I ordered, but noticed that there is a one euro charge on my account, and it seems that I did not… 70 8.11.2021 To pay the fee online, go to helmet.fi. At the bottom of the page, you will find Pay online. Click it, then login with your library card number and PIN code. Select the outstanding payment on the list and click Proceed to payment. Alternatively, you can pay the fee in your nearest Helmet library. If you do not pick up the reserved book in time, the reservation is cancelled and the book is returned to its place. You can check the book's current status at helmet.fi and make a new reservation.
I registered for a Helmet library card online on the 8th of February(Monday). I was wondering when I’ll have to go pick it up? 127 11.2.2021 You can pick up Your Helmet library card any time after You have made the pre-registration. Actually the pre-registration is not necessary, but You will get your library card quicker by filling the registration form beforehand. Take a valid ID card with you. You can pick up your library card from any Helmet library. https://www.helmet.fi/en-US/Info/Using_the_library/Library_card_and_loa… https://luettelo.helmet.fi/selfreg~S9
There is e-material at which I am interested to borrow, but I live outside Helsinki area and cannot come to register to get library card. Can I send… 84 5.2.2021 To obtain a Helmet library card and PIN code You must visit Yourself any Helmet library. So You can not get a library car by post or online. https://www.helmet.fi/en-US/Info/Using_the_library/Library_card_and_loa… In case You'll have the possibility to visit any Helmet library and still want to have a library card You can fill  in a library card pre-registration. https://luettelo.helmet.fi/selfreg~S9
I wanted to check what kind of items I could loan from the library, except for books? is there somewhere the list of those? kiitos! 117 22.1.2021 You can search the Helmet database for different types of items in the Helmet library collection. Go to helmet.fi and to Advanced Search. Direct link: https://haku.helmet.fi/iii/encore/home?lang=eng&suite=cobalt&advancedSe… Choose the type of item from the drop-down menu Format. In Keyword, type * to display all items in the selected format or a more specific search term. Click Search.
I would like to borrow book in order to learn finnish (Ykäänkö vai ykiinkö – Highway to hill by Gimara) Please let me know if it is available at any library. … 1017 29.12.2020 Ykäänkö vai ykiinkö – Highway to hill  by Gimara is not available at the moment in any Helmet Library, nor in any other library in Helsinki. There are also a couple of reservations for this item. You can make a make a reservation for the book through Helmet. https://www.helmet.fi/en-US/Info/Using_the_library/Library_card_and_loa…
How can i renew my loan of the book? 135 28.10.2020 Loan renewal is easiest to do through Helmet.fi. To log in You need Your library card number and PIN code. You can also renew your loans by telephoning or visiting the library.  Loans can be renewed up to five times, if they have no reservations pending. If you have 30 euros or more in unpaid fees, you will not be able to renew your loans. https://www.helmet.fi/en-US/Info/Using_the_library/Library_card_and_loa… https://www.helmet.fi/en-US
What are the late fees for not returning a book on time? I can't find a price list anywhere. 223 10.9.2020 The overdue fee is €0,20 day for adult item per loan. You find all the library fees in Helmet: http://www.helmet.fi/Preview/en-US/Info/Using_the_library/Loan_periods_…
I applied a HelMet library card in 2013. After a long term pause, I would like to start borrowing books again. However I cannot log in with the card number… 151 2.3.2020 Your customer record is not in our register anymore. Probably You haven't  used the card for some years, so the record has been deleted. You ought to visit any Helmet library to get a new card. Take Your ID card with You. Library card pre-registration: https://luettelo.helmet.fi/selfreg~S9 https://www.helmet.fi/en-US/Info/Using_the_library/Library_card_and_loans(950)
I have a Helmet and an Arcada library card. To borrow a book from Varastokirjasto, should I use the… 197 27.2.2020 You can order a book from the National Repository Library by using the Helmet ILL form: https://www.helmet.fi/en-US/Libraries_and_services/Interlibrary_loans/Interlibrary_loan_request(7869) More information about interlibrary service in Helmet libraries: https://www.helmet.fi/en-US/Libraries_and_services/Interlibrary_loans  
Is there any library where I can rent ice skates? 904 11.2.2019 You can borrow skates in some libraries in Helsinki and Espoo. You find those libraries if you make in Helmet a search by the word luistimet and the refine the search result by format object. In Helsinki there are skates in Pukinmäki, Herttoniemi, Jakomäki, Tapulikaupunki and Vuosaari Libraries. It is not possible to reserve the skates, so You can check the availability in Helmet. https://haku.helmet.fi/iii/encore/search/C__Sluistimet__Ff%3Afacetmediatype%3Aq%3Aq%3AObject%3A%3A__Orightresult__U__X0?lang=eng&suite=cobalt
Where can I find the film Miesten vuoro with English subtitles, for rent or purchase? 1264 5.1.2019 Documentary film Miesten vuoro (2011) by Joonas Berghäll ja Mika Hotakainen is available in Helmet Libraries. The film has subtitles in English. The Dvd is at the moment on shelf in several Helmet Libraries. You can check the availability in the Helmet Web Libary. You can make a request and the dvd will be sent to the library you have selected as quickly as possible. https://haku.helmet.fi/iii/encore/record/C__Rb1988659__Smiesten%20vuoro__Orightresult__U__X7;jsessionid=208EAC1C149C076AFCB35E7100BFB68A?lang=eng&suite=cobalt
I have a question about language Ca'fe in Espoon Keskus. I would like to know when it is held and if there is place for me? I would also like to know about… 477 17.3.2017 Language Café in Entresse Library (Espoon keskus) is held every every Tuesday 5.30 pm. Last meeting on 30.5. The number of participants is not Limited, so there is always place for You. Participation is free of charge. In the link below You find more information about the Language Cafes in Helmet-library. Welcome to practise Your Finnish! http://www.helmet.fi/download/noname/%7B3C32D483-CDD1-4C72-9EB1-2B98880… http://www.helmet.fi/download/noname/%7B5C5AB153-3FB8-4921-8724-4D096C5… http://www.helmet.fi/fi-FI/Kirjastot_ja_palvelut/Entressen_kirjasto/Tap…
Can I return the books which I borrowed from Helmet Entresse to Helmet Omena ? Thank you. 874 12.8.2013 Yes, you can. Any book borrowed from a Helmet library can be returned to another Helmet library. For example the book which you have borrowed from Entresse can be returned to all the Helmet libraries in Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa and Kauniainen.
Please could you tell me whether there are English books, fiction and drama, to loan in the library at Sello? If not, could you please let me know if there is… 1479 23.7.2010 We have some dramatic literature in English (especially classic plays by Shakespeare and others) at the Sello library, plus, of course, lots of non-dramatic fiction in English language. For a complete list of drama available in the Helsinki region public libraries, you can use the English-language HelMet Web Library at http://www.helmet.fi/search~S9/X . Choose "Other searches", select from the search menu: "Espoo class" and then type into the search box the library class for English-language plays: "5.3". Or you could use this direct link http://www.helmet.fi/search/?searchtype=e&searcharg=5.3&searchscope=4&S… You could also use the advanced search option, use a keyword *näytelmät" (meaning plays and drama in Finnish) and…