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I had a bill for books but I paid it. My kids forgot three books during vacation abroad and I paid full price. Yet the sum still shows on my account. I have… 44 After the compensation is paid it takes approximately a week or two until the data gets off of your libraryaccount. This is because first the debt collection agency must inform the library and second the library's debt collection departement manually takes out the paid material from your account.
Dear Librarian, I am Latha from Vantaa. Is there any sewing classes are going on around in any of the city libraries in Vantaa, Espoo or Helsinki. If so, let… 647 There isn't any sewing classes at the moment in the Helmet libraries (Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries). Any library customer can reserve and use the sewing machines freely and there is also some guidance available in the libraries. Of course you can suggest sewing classes to libraries and offer your help. There is sewing machines in libraries under the following web address: http://www.helmet.fi/en-US/Libraries_and_services . Clicking the library name will bring you to the page where you'll find the contact information of the library.
I want to ask if i request a book which is currently not available in the library, do i have to pay any fees? 381 No, as long as the book you reserved is part of a collection of any Helmet-library (public library in Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen or Vantaa) making a reservation is free.
Could you kindly provide some information on hosting events at the library? We would like to host some English story time for children and wondering if there… 972 Best way to do this is to contact libraries directly, as every library decides of their events independently. You can find the contact details in the HelMet-homepage. I am certain that most of the libraries in Espoo would be interested in having a story time in English!
I am a member of the library. My library card is getting expired on 14-Dec-2012. How do I renew my library card. What is procedure. 9774 It’s very easy to renew your library card. Just go to your local HelMet Library, and take your ID card or passport with you. There you can ask the library staff to renew your card by showing your library card and ID card or passport. If you have a Finnish social security number (“henkilötunnus”), they can add it to your library card, and after that there is no need to renew the card. If you don’t that number, you will have to renew your card in the future, too. You can find all the HelMet Libraries and the contact information at http://www.helmet.fi/en-US. Welcome to renew your card!
I want to book a time to practice piano at the library next to Rautatienasema. Is it possible? How do I do it? 1401 You can book the piano room in Library 10 by phone or via Internet. The phone number is 09 3108 5000. The room can also be booked at https://varaus.lib.hel.fi/?cid=en-GB. Choose “Library 10” and click “Show available times”. Then check “Workspaces” and choose the number 41 (“Practice room Electric piano”). You need your library card number and pin code when booking the room.
I'm looking for these books. Could I find them in a library? - Silfverberg Leena, Suomen kielen jatko-oppikirja - Silfverberg Leena, Harjoituskirja suomen… 1112 You can search our catalogue here http://www.helmet.fi where you find the availability of the books in question. Suomen kielen jatko-oppikirja http://www.helmet.fi/record=b1513049~S9 Harjoituskirja suomen kielen jatko-opetusta varten http://www.helmet.fi/record=b1512641~S9 At the moment there are several copies available in different libraries in Espoo. Opening hours http://www.helmet.fi/search/1 Welcome to the library!
My question is i wanted to learn the finnish languge and i whant to know what to read or if there are any cds? 641 You can search the Helmet library database in the address www.helmet.fi - change language into English and then choose Keyword search. Write there "suomen kieli kielikurssit" (Finnish language, language courses) and choose cd as material type. There are several Finnish courses that also include cds. If you already have library card and the secret number you can reserve the course you want. If not visit any library with an id that has your photo in it and you will soon have our library card and if the library you visit doesn't have any course in at the moment please ask help with ordering one.
I am an oversea student studying in Finland. May I obtain a library card by presenting passport? 1978 You can obtain a library card and borrowing rights by presenting a photo-enhanced ID-card such as: I.D. card from EU countries Passport Finnish driver’s licence Finnish SII card with photo Helsinki reception centre’s resident card Your home address must be in Finland. However, PO Box, PosteRestante as well as a long-term hotel address are also acceptable. More information about the library card is to be found in http://www.lib.hel.fi/page.asp?_item_id=2316 or at the nearest library.
When I resarch a book, the result is written that "Location" of the book is "Hki central stack 1" . What does this mean? Where is "Hki central stack 1"? 746 'Hki central stack 1' is the central stock (store) of the Helsinki City Library. It is located in the Main library in Pasila.