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God morning,I have a library card from Forrsa,but I moved in Vaasa,If I want to apply for Vaasa library's card, How can I do it? My son was 9 years old; he… 14 Unfortunately the library card you have for Forssa doesn't work in Vaasa. You can easily apply for a library card at any of our libraries with a valid photo ID (for example, a passport or a driving licence).All Vaasa city library locations have a wide range of materials for children, young people and adults. All of the libraries have "Opi lukemaan"-books (learn to read) for children. Those books could be a good start for your child as well. Also selkokirjallisuus (easy to read) could be a good option. Both of the categories have different reading levels, so it's probably easiest if you come to the library to see these books in person. The "Opi lukemaan" category has book series such as "Punainen banaani", "Sininen banaani", "Lukuavain" etc…
A uncle to my dad recently passed away, and I'm trying to find an old article about him that he was very proud of. I wonder if you can point me in a direction… 55 Unfortunately we could not find the article in question. In the book Laukkonen, Ilmari: Teräs Oy 1910-1982 the strike was not mentioned. Regional newspapers of that time can be read by microfilms in Vaasa city library. Unfortunately it is not possible to search any specific article.
Good day! May I ask what are the requirements borrowing books and also the library card. I am an international student and my identification available is the… 68 You can apply for a library card with a valid photo ID, for example a passport. You get more information about using our library on our web site  
I would like to ask if its possible to return a book in Vaasa Vaasa library when i borrowed it in Helsinki. 69 Unfortunately it is not possible to return a book borrowed in Helsinki to Vaasa library. You have to send the book to Helsinki library by yourself.
Where can I find information about F.Hautala, painter from Vasa? I know that he has painted for a church during the 1920's. I can read in Swedish, Finnish,… 1676 We searched here at the library all our sources and basicly didn't find any information about Frans Hautala (1875-1952). We found some pictures about his paintings and his birthplace, which is Töysä. He lived in Vaasa during his active painting time. If you want more information, next place to ask would be church registry office. You can also try to ask about the painter from Osthrobothnia Museums library, librarian Maria Mansner (06) 325 3804 or e-mail And third place to ask could be Kuntsi, museum of modern art, contact information in the following link
Dear Sir/Madam, I am currently writing a master's thesis on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland in Vaasa. I am particularly interested in the translations of… 455 I found in Wikipedia that Alice in Wonderland has been translated in Russian in the year 1923. I'm sorry but I couldn't find any earlier translation. In Vaasa city library we have got only the book that has been published in the year 2007.
Which library has this book? Pentti Ajo. European motor insurance and victim protection:finnish insurance training and publishing company ltd, 2002 403 We don't have this book in Vaasa. If you come to the library, we can order the book from another library in Finland. The book is available for example in Turku university library and Oulu university library.
I have a document (in very bad condition) from my Great Grandmother.The date is 1895. Its a small booklet. About 4" X 6" in size< and looks very official. At… 923 It seems that you have found your great grandmothers passport. The texts mean both passport, the first one in Swedish ( PASS FOR UTRIKES RESA.) and the second in Finnish(MATKAPASSI ULKOMAILLE). You will find information about genealogy and research in Finland in the Internetsite of the Genealogical Society of Finland, . Maybe the site of the Institute of Migration would also be of some interest to you, .
Could you refer me to a place that would give information on family in Jurva,Vassalaami,Finland? 1228 Star with, a finnish genealogy site where you can find practically every tool for searching, even search in the church records yourself. One of the most useful sites is: that can help you to get started. There you can also find the contact information of eg provincial archives that you directly can contact and ask questions. The Finnish Institute if Migration ( has a searchable database as well. This was just briefly - but feel free to ask us more if you think we can help you! Leena Salminen Vaasan City Library Regional Library