I would like to take more information for UDC Codes.


I would like to take more information for UDC Codes.


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There is a recent abridged edition of the UDC,
Universal Decimal Classification : Abridged Edition
London : British Standards Institution , 2003
(Published document ; PD 1000:2003)

Guides to UDC:

McIlwaine, I. C., Guide to the use of UDC : an introductory guide to the use and application of the Universal Decimal Classification. The Hague : International Federation for Information and Documentation (FID), 1993. (FID occasional paper 5). (New edition 2000)

The UDC : essays for a new decade / edited by Alan Gilchrist and David Strachan
London : Aslib , 1990

On the Internet, you can find information about UDC in the site UDC consortium, here http://www.udcc.org/outline/outline.htm

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