I need information about Reading Research in Finland.


I need information about Reading Research in Finland.


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It has been quite hard to define what kind of material You actually need. Reading research is a vast area and the links provided here may or may not be useful.

First, the links to the Internet where You should have a free access from any Internet account:

"The finnish success in PISA and some reasons behind it
PISA 2000"
Authors and Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä

"Literacy Skills for the World of Tomorrow: Further Results from PISA 2000 - Publications 2000"

"Summary of “Finland Reads” studies from 1989, 1995, and 2003"
Drafted by Yrjö Repo from the reports of Taloustutkimus Oy

"Book 2010 : Development trends in the book trade : summary"
University of Jyväskylä 2003

Computer Usage And Reading Literacy
Kaisa Leino

Second, here are some statistics from the Statistics Finland and University of Göteborg that may be useful. They are presented as library references:

"Joukkoviestimet 2002 = Finnish mass media 2002"
Pages 237-260
Helsinki : Tilastokeskus, 2002

"Media Trends 2001 in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden : statistics and analyses"
Pages 219-228
Göteborg : Nordicom, 2001

And third, here are some references to articles published in several publications:

Article: Reading habits in Finland
Author: Eskola, Katarina
Published in: Scandinavian public library quarterly. - Copenhagen : Nordic Directorate for Public Lib-raries. - ISSN 0036-5602. 28 (1995) : 1, p. 8-12

Article: Sociocultural diversity and reading literacy in a Finland-Swedish environment
Published in: Scandinavian journal of educational research. - Abingdon : Carfax. - ISSN 0031-3831. 43 (1999) : 2, p. 173-190

Article: How does morphological complexity and density affect reading in Finnish
Published in: Nordic and Baltic morphology : papers from A NorFA Course, Tartu, June 2000. - Joen-suu : University of Joensuu, 2001 (Studies in languages University of Joensuu 1456-5528; n:o 36). - ISBN 952-458-005-5, p. 129-138

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