Do you any books in arabic language


do you any books in arabic language


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Yes we have books in Arabic, and in Helsinki the best collection of the those you will find at the Pasila library. To see Helmet’s entire collection of Arabic material please look at the selection listed under the Helmet-link
http://helmet.fi/search/X?SEARCH=**&searchscope=9&m=&l=ara&b=&Da=&Db=&S…. If you are interested only in books, use this link: http://helmet.fi/search/X?SEARCH=**&searchscope=9&m=1&l=ara&b=&Da=&Db=&…. The book collection consists of fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, dictionaries, language courses,…
If you click the name of the book, you will get more information about it and see where it is located. If you want the book to be moved to your own library you can make a reservation. See further details about reserving library items here: http://helmet.fi/search~S9/k. The reservation fee for customers 18 years of age or older is 50 cents for each adult item.

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