Imagine and Explore – Finnish Libraries Now!

Imagine and explore – Finnish Libraries Now! is a publication designed to guide individuals and communities into the exciting world of the Finnish libraries in 2012. It was created to accompany the IFLA 2012 conference in Helsinki. We hope You find our publication useful and entertaining.

The Finnish library system open collaboration for an open society

A short history of Finnish libraries and librarianship (IFLA Journal 2012).

Finnish Public Library Policy 2015 – National strategic areas of focus

Finnish Public Library Policy 2015 – National strategic areas of focus defines the direction and objectives of the activities in Finnish public libraries.It provides a foundation for proposing regulations and government financing. The purpose of the program is to update previous library programs and strategies set forth by the Ministry of Education and Culture to correspond with upcoming changes in the operations environment.

Quality recommendation for public libraries

The quality recommendation for public libraries was published in Finnish in 2010 in the Ministry of Education and Culture publication series. The quality recommendation consists of five sections: administrator’s service commitment for library services, library services and their use, human resources and competence, collections and library facilities. The quality recommendation was prepared by a working group appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Library for Citizens

Library for Citizens – An essential part of the Finnish know-how. The Way Forward for Public Libraries 2016–2020.

Council for Public Libraries – Strategy 2011–2016

The strategy includes common guidelines for municipal libraries, regardless of size or location. The strategy meets the central, external strategy challenge of how to ensure the appeal of library services and service ability in the future, at the competition for people´s leisure time grows. The common solutions and recommendations presented in the strategy are intended for public libraries.

Ethical Principles of Library Work

The ethical guidelines are intended for professionals working in public sector libraries and information services. The guidelines were formulated by an ethics work group with a mandate from The Finnish Library Association, The Finnish Swedish Library Association and The Finnish Research Library Association.

Libraries, museums and archives in Finland 2009

This article presents the Finnish library system, and briefly discusses museums and archives. A historical overview is offered, placing the development of these institutions within the context of Finnish politics. Profiles of major institutions are also included. Some international comparisons are made to make the development more understandable.

Scandinavian Library Quarterly

The explicit aim of Scandinavian Library Quarterly is to introduce current tendencies and strategies in Scandinavian libraries to the English-speaking world and create a forum for interesting and constructive dialogue. SLQ is also available electronically.

The National Digital Library – collaborating and interoperating

The National Digital Library is the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture’s way of creating a unifying structure for contents and services with the purpose of promoting the availability of digital information resources of archives, libraries and museums and developing the long-term preservation of digital cultural heritage materials. It is one of the key electronic research and culture infrastructures currently under construction in Finland.


More library publications at the Ministry of Education and Culture