Finnish Library Buildings

Pirkkala Public Library, Main Library

The basic idea was that we don’t build a separate house for the library but a part of a larger entity. That is why we got such a good location in the center of the community. Colors are strong but they are in harmony with each other.

Pirkkala municipality has approx. 18 000 inhabitants, very much families with children under school age. Main library has nearly 7000 customers and 262 000 loans per year. We have 55 000 books and over 10 000 entities of other materials. Patrons are mainly Finnish speaking so the material is also nearly all Finnish.

We have many events and side activities in our library, school visits in library and in school (book talk), courses for adults (for example video editing), literary evenings, story hours etc. We are planning console game tours, video editing workshops, cinema evenings etc. The new library has mobilized our imagination.

Total area is about 2000, of which 141 exhibition space. Library area is about 1760. Exhibition space and the Journals section are open on Sundays. The total cost was 5.1 million euros, of which furnishing and equipping 400 000. Government funding was 1, 918 million.

Free-standing furniture is from ISKU and Martela, special furniture by Fratelli Grupi Estonia, devices from Mikro-Väylä OY. Free-standing furniture price 120 000 euros, special furniture 118 000 and equipment 98 000 euros.

All seats are from Martela, desks and chairs in offices from Kinnarps and curtains from Eurokangas.

Chief architect was Matti Mastosalo from Helamaa & Heiskanen, interior designer was Kristiina Mäkelä. The general contractor was NCC.

The name of the library
Pirkkala Main Library