Finnish Library Buildings

Paimio City Library

Paimio library is located next to the grey stone Church of St. Michael. The library facade is covered with natural stone, plaster, wood, copper and glass, harmonizing with the surrounding buildings from different decades.

The library interior is spacious and the ceiling is high. The floor is made of mounting plates which allow the interior to be easily modified.

The main source of lighting comes from powerful spotlights directed at the white ceiling. The light cascades down from the ceiling to the main hall of the library. Parts of the building are surrounded by a narrow water pool, which reflects the sunlight with flashes of lights. The constantly changing glitter creates an environmental piece of art on the white library ceiling.

The library houses a silent reading room, a separate newpapers and magazine reading room, a story hour corner and a study space where the library organizes library instruction for users.

A movable shelve system allows the library space to be rearranged or the shelves to be moved out of the way for events for different publics, adults and children alike.

The name of the library
Paimio City Library
The name of the municipality/organization
The population of the community covered by the library
10 149
The location of the library
The City hall and the library in a shared building
The library is
The library, the main hall and the auditorium are a new construction, the city hall has been renovated
The floor area
The library was opened in
Designed by

Pia Helin, Architectural firm Ark’Aboa

The total expenditure of the construction
the share of the library 2,5 million euros