Finnish Library Buildings

Seinäjoki Public Library, Main Library Apila

The shape of the building resembles a clover, therefore the building is called in Finnish Apila (Clover). The shape of the building has also been influenced by Japanese origami. The facade is covered with copper and the surface pattern resembles of a scale.

There are two floors open to the public. In the ground floor is the News Area, café, Jaaksi Hall, computer classroom, children´s department and adult´s lending department. In the basement is the youth and music department. In this section you can also find a game room, an exhibition space and a music listening room for customers. 

All the stacks are open to the customers. In the stacks there are also microfilm readers and microfilms and a digitizing room for customers. Offices are located mainly in the 1st floor, but in the ground floor there are also offices and the stacks for mobile libraries.

In Apila the check-in and check-out are fully automated and for reserves there is a self-service pick up. The system is based on RFID-technology.

The new library Apila is only a part of the main library. The whole main library consists of two buildings: the new Apila and the old main library designed by Alvar Aalto. The old library was completed in 1965. It will be renovated and restored and will be opened to the public in 2014. These two buildings will be connected by a tunnel.

The name of the library
The name of the municipality/organization
Seinäjoki Public Library – Provincial Library
The population of the community covered by the library
The location of the library
The building is located next to the administrative and cultural centre designed by Alvar Aalto.
The library is
a new construction
The floor area
The library was opened in
Designed by

JKMM Architects, head designer architect Mr. Asmo Jaaksi.
Interior decorator Mrs. Päivi Meuronen and project architect Mr. Aaro Martikainen.